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  • Information about Ensenada
    Baja California

    The links posted above can give you details about Ensenada.

    But in general we can say that in this city you can breathe a much calmer atmosphere than in other towns located in Baja California, such as Mexicali and Tijuana.

    Mexicali and Tijuana, in addition to having much more inhabitants than Ensenada, suffer from the intense vehicular traffic between them and San Diego.

    Part of the charm that still remains in Ensenada is largely due to its intimate proximity to the waters of the sea.

    Its western coasts are bathed by the Pacific Ocean, while the eastern coasts are caressed by the warm waters of the Sea of ​​Cortes.

    Ensenada has received the enormous gift of having a fertile area for the development of vines.

    Its wine route produces about 90% of Mexican wines.

    Inland, there are gems of nature such as Laguna Hanson, a lake surrounded by pine forests and wildlife.

    Because there is almost zero light pollution in the surroundings, the Mexican astrophysicists set up an astronomical observatory in the San Pedro Mártir National Park.

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