Bahia de los Angeles Travel Information

Tourist Attractions

Bahia de los Angeles Travel Information. This coastal village is a jewel by the sea, exhibiting untouched natural beauty...

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An extensive beach in Bahia de Los Angeles, Baja, Mexico


Bahia de Los Angeles Tourist Attractions

Facts about Bahia de Los Angeles
Bahia de Los Angeles is a small fishing village situated alongside the Sea of Cortez.

The bay is dotted with spectacular mountains that stretch far and wide and the expanse of the sapphire waters extend as far as the eyes go.

Its numerous islands were created by volcanic upheavals and are unpopulated.

Angel de la Guarda, Ventana and Encantada are some of the most notorious islands.

The hundreds of miles of coastal cliffs, beaches and coves are still as untouched as they were centuries ago.

Within this vast location is the premier biosphere reserve of the Ensenada municipality, in Baja California.

It covers federal zone, beaches, cliffs, wetlands, bays, and the sea area surrounding the large Angel de la Guarda island.

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Sportfishing is the biggest recreational attraction.

The marine life is rich and varied.

The tepid waters give host to a wide array of fishes like sardines, anchovies, halibut, dorado, pargo, pompano, corvina, yellow tail and grouper.


Fauna and Sea Birds

Fin whales, killer whales, sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins and the endangered whale sharks, are also seen.

You can watch both the brown pelican and the double-crested cormorant in the archipelago.


In Rasa island there are huge seabird colonies

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Bahia de Los Angeles Travel Information

What to do in Bahia de Los Angeles

Outdoor  Activities
Kayaking, sport fishing, boating, diving, skiing, sky surfing and windsurfing, and even bird watching are the main attractions.

Kayak rentals are about $15 per day.

Fishing boats can be hired in the village at an average of $170 per day. Fishing trips can be set up on the spot with local guides.

Bahía de Los Angeles Weather

Attractions around Bahia de Los Angeles

Educational activities. Ecotourism.

  • The Mission of San Francisco Borja Adac, built in 1762.
  • Montevideo paintings, rendered about 9000 years ago.
  • There is a little locally run museum in the heart of the village. It features fossils, whale skeletons, mining exhibits and Cochimi Indian artifacts. Bahia de Los Angeles Travel Information
  • Ensenada Municipality Visitors Information

    Bahia de Los Angeles Hotels

    Los Vientos Spa & Resort
    Palapa restaurant. Tour packages.
    Maid and phone services. Internet access. Laundry.

    Highway 1, La Ventana, towards Campo La Gringa.
    In Ensenada: (646) 178-2614.
    From USA: (619) 488-4532.

    Villa Bahia
    Sea view, fishing tours, diving, boat rentals, kayak rentals, and kitchens.
    Contact them at www.

    Villa Vitta Hotel
    Swimming pool, restaurant, bar, RV spaces, boat rentals.
    Contact them in USA... (619) 298-4858

    Bahia de Los Angeles Travel Information

    Driving Distances

    This village is 300 miles south of Ensenada
    200 miles south of San Quintín
    and 90 miles from Cataviña.
    These distances are approximated.

    HUT in BAHIA de los ANGELES

    No doubt, this virginal area is for those travelers determined to minimize the environmental footprints they leave behind…

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