The Black Brant

The black brant is a migratory goose that makes a journey
as long as the one accomplished
by the grey whale.

They leave their western Alaskan breeding grounds during fall to
spend the winter in the western
coast of the Baja California

There, you can watch this bird
in San Quintín bay, within the limits of the Ensenada Municipality.
Also in the southern lagoons such as Ojo de Liebre, Scammon's and San Ignacio.


Approximately 100 thousand geese arrive to the Mexican peninsula after a journey of about 8, 500 miles.

This international traveller flies an average of 75 hours from north to south. But the return to their northern breeding habitat is done over a longer period of time due to their numerous stops in estuaries, beaches and bays to rest and feed.

During their stay in Baja the goose feed mainly on sea weed and sea grass, rich sources of protein.

You can identify this small goose
by their black neck and black
head, adorned with the
characteristic white "necklace".
Their wings are dark brown and
their chest and belly are also white.

This shy bird is very susceptible
to disturbance. They are constantly threatened by hunters, air and marine traffic, and by their natural predators such as the bald eagle.

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