Ensenada Restaurants

For a truly culinary adventure choose from our selection of Ensenada Restaurants

Our Restaurants Guide include the following:

Vegetarian food
Mexican seafood
Steak houses
International cuisine

Vegetarian Cuisine.
Natural food that is healthy

La Casa de los Brebajes
Obregón 884, near Calle 9. 178-1355

La Sonrisa, downtown. 178-2263. 

Señor Salud. Calle 9. Phone: 176-4415.

Seafood Restaurants.
Fresh fish brought from the ocean

Calle Delante 179. 176-3720

Las Gaviotas. 176-1490

Plaza Hidalgo, downtown. 178-3494

Recinto Portuario, downtown. 175-7073

Playa Azul
Riveroll 113, downtown. 174-0622

Mexican Food.
Vibrant, explosive dishes

Tacos Maru
Lunches, dinners. 178-2720

Ixtlán Restaurant
Los Globos Market. Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Dial 176-0890 for directions

El Parián
Tacos, enchiladas, tamales. Downtown. 178-8332

Sabor Mexicano
Homey food. Catering. 177-1508

Mole, hand-made tortillas. 646 152-1985

El Charro
Calle Primera. 178-2114

Tlaquepaque Cenaduría
Calzada Cortez 327. 177-1466

Hacienda El Corralito
Calle Primera 627. 178-2370

Tacos. Cheap and tasty

Tacos El Paisa
20 de Noviembre, half block from Calle 10

Tacos Maru
Calle 4a 1030, Downtown. 178-2720

Beef: simply prepared and sinfully presented

Sano´s Steakhouse
Carretera Ensenada-Tijuana. Phone 174-4061

Broncos's Steakhouse
Av López Mateos 1525. 646 176-4900

International Cuisine in Ensenada

Review the following list of restaurants to find the one that best matches your eating lifestyle, or your appetite...

Brazilian Menus

Pampas do Brazil
Boulevard Costero 1790. Ensenada, Baja California
Reservations: 176-5154

Get more delicious details by clicking here.

Chinese restaurants

Dragón de Oro. Cantonese food. 175-7574

Gran Hong Kong. 178-2368

Mandarín. Cantonese food. 176-1770

Pekín 2000. Restaurant-bar. Downtown. 172-5994

San-San. Cantonese food. 178-1622

French Cuisine

El Rey Sol, Calle Primera. 178-1733.

Italian Cuisine

La Trattoria
Boulevard Costero 178. 176-1313

Antonello. Obregón and 2a. 175-7718

Japanese restaurants

Hijos del Sushi. 173-3066.

Japanco Sushi Bar. 155-6143.

Ohashi Sushi Bar. 173-8484.

Temaki, Ruiz 123. 175-9105.

Teriyaki House. 173-8222.

Tomodachi. 178-1107.

Tsunami Sushi Bar. 182-9006.

Spanish restaurants

Paella La Aragonesa, Patzcuaro 985. 172-4430.

We are not expert food critics, but local frequent restaurant explorers always looking for delicious -creative or traditional- delicacies coming out of the kitchen.

Most of the local flavors in Ensenada come from the bountiful sea bordering its coasts, and from the countryside where produce, meats and poultry are harvested by local ranchers and farmers in a daily basis.

That's why in Ensenada the restaurants use the freshest local ingredients as the centerpieces for their menus.

We wish to whet your appetite with the great menus the Ensenada restaurants have to offer.

Buen apetito... and salud!

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