Calle Primera in Ensenada

 • Calle Primera in Ensenada is one of the main streets in this city, and its tourist axis.


This street is one of the most attractive streets of the city.

For a fun time, either on foot or by car, Calle Primera is ideal.

It's nice to see other people and families walking on the sidewalks.

It is also interesting to browse in some shops which offer unique crafts and pieces of art.

Calle Primera in Ensenada is packed with stores that offer a wide variety of items: from souvenirs to take home, to t-shirts with witty phrases, to pharmacies that sell medicines and vitamins at much lower prices than in the US.

Between shop and shop you will find places to enjoy relaxing moments, such as cafes, bars and restaurants.

Streets intersecting Calle Primera:

  • Ruíz
  • Gastélum
  • Miramar
  • Macheros
  • Riverol
  • Alvarado
  • Blancarte
  • Castillo

    Calle Primera, Ensenada, México

    Also known as La Primera or Avenida López Mateos, this avenue runs from northwest to southeast, and its starting point is at two blocks away from the Malecón.

    Calle Primera begins at Calle Gastélum which is the north entrance of Ensenada.

    The area with the highest tourist activity on Calle Primera covers its first six blocks.

    And from the seventh block on, the name of the street changes to López Mateos.

    Calle Primera is more or less parallel to Bulevar Costero Cárdenas, which is a coastal boulevard whose central ridge has tall palm trees.

    This boulevard is also a place frequented by visitors.

    Along Calle Primera, there are hotels, restaurants, bars, gift shops, and cafes.

    If you are a visitor, we recommend a walk through it. You will have fun visiting craft shops.

    Visit a wine shop and sipp a local wine produced in the Wine Route.

    In the vicinity of this street is the Fish Market, just a few steps from Calle Primera.

    The famous Hussong's Cantina is in Ruiz Street, very close by.

    Papas & Beer, one of the best places to dance in the city, is located on the corner of Ruiz Street and Calle Primera.

    At night the street is traveled by cars full of cheerful boys and girls.

    At this time you can select a restaurant for dinner, from vegetarian food to French cuisine, and from burritos to sushi.

    Some eateries and cafes are on this street, and the others are located a few blocks away.

    Calle Primera is in the Tourist Heart of Ensenada.

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