Ensenada Mexico,
Travel Guide.

Ensenada Mexico
This Ensenada travel guide will help you enjoy Ensenada, a semi explored municipality tucked in northern Baja California Peninsula.

With two extensive coasts, vineyard countries, pine tree forests, mountain ranges and a pleasant climate, Ensenada offers a plethora of choices for couples, families and the adventurous traveler.

Ensenada´s West Coast. The Ensenada Coast seen from the sea...

Climate in Ensenada

When you come to visit Ensenada between April and June, you will experience fresh mornings and evenings, and during the day you will notice a moderate heat.

Between July and September, the daytime heat is somewhat warm and highly suitable for sports in the sea.

The rainy and cold days are typical of the holiday season, although some years the cold weather starts in February.

In general the climate of this region is not extreme. And this is why Ensenada is our favorite city.

What to Do in Ensenada Mexico

Diving, snorkeling and surfing.

Boating, camping out, golfing and wine tasting.

Touring museums, and dancing.

Horseback riding and basking in the sunshine.

These are some of the activities you may enjoy,  all them seasoned with the warm friendliness of the Ensenadians living here.

Academic Level in Ensenada

Currenttly in the city of Ensenada, the number of scientists is greater, proportionally speaking, than in other locations in Mexico.

Scientists, professors and researchers, populate the campuses of Ensenada, enriching the academic atmosphere of the city.

Among these, there are English, German, Japanese, American, Mexican and scientists of other nationalities.

Vacations in Ensenada

No matter what your plans are in Ensenada. In this Ensenada travel guide you will find up-to-date information –gathered from our personal experiences- that will save you time and hassle in planning your next visit to Ensenada.

My wife and I have lived here for more than 20 years, enough time to explore this semi-populated Baja California area.

Calle Primera Calle Primera in Ensenada

At this website you will discover both the authentic local side of Ensenada and its tourist facilities.

Ensenada Attractions

The Wine Route is one of the main attractions of Ensenada Mexico.

Visiting some of its more than 100 wineries is an exciting adventure in which you can enjoy the landscape covered with orchards of olive trees.

A winding road connects wineries and restaurants.

The gastronomic offer is very varied: from international cuisine to Mediterranean-style menus. From signature dishes to spicy tacos.

Obviously, in this area there is always the possibility of tasting the different types of wine in each of the wine houses, including organic wines.

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