Airbnb in Ensenada near Valle de Guadalupe

Airbnb in Ensenada offers an option to enjoy a vacation home located as close to Valle Guadalupe as it is to the City of Ensenada, in Baja California.

The main attraction of Ensenada is its Wine Route (Valle de Guadalupe) which has more than 100 vineyards.

That option is...

Casa Arbolada

This is a vacational country house located in Cuatro Milpas, a small semi-rural community 15 minutes from Valle de Guadalupe and 20 minutes from the urban area of Ensenada.

Cuatro Milpas has remained ignored for the majority of Ensenadians because it is hidden between hills and because it only has two entrances which are not marked. 

As a result, in Cuatro Milpas there are few inhabitants, less noise and a lot of Nature to enjoy.

Due to its natural hiding place, Cuatro Milpas has endured as a rural area for decades.

Between 1930 and 1970, its few inhabitants consecutively planted vegetables, raised poultry and cattle, produced fodder, and grew flowers.

All this happened while the urban area of Ensenada grew and modernized.

Currently there are three ranches in Cuatro Milpas: one raises goats, the other has a dairy barn, while the third ranch is for horse breeding.

The other properties are country estates and houses, as well as extensive wild land.

In Cuatro Milpas there are few inhabitants and cars.

Consequently, the place, where the countryside dominates, is very quiet and ideal for those looking to spend a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Airbnb areas in Ensenada

Their distances to the center of Valle de Guadalupe and the Center of Ensenada are included...

  • Cíbolas del Mar:  32 km / 12 km
  • Cuatro Milpas: -- 34 km / 10 km
  • Las Rosas: ------- 34 km / 6 km
  • La Bufadora: ---- 77 km / 38 km
  • San Miguel Beach: -- 32 km / 12 km
  • San Marino: ------ 36 km / 4 km
  • Valle Dorado: ----- 44 km / 6 km
  • Valle Guadalupe: - 0 km / 40 km
  • Ensenada: ------- 40 km / 0 km

Note: figures are approximate.

Interesting Places to Visit During Your Stay in an Airbnb Vacation Home in Ensenada

  • Valle de Guadalupe: is the Ensenada wine region where 90% of Mexican wine is produced
  • La Bufadora: spectacular marine geyser, the 2nd largest on the planet
  • Playa San Miguel: place to surf and camp
  • La Lobera: natural hole in which seals and sea lions bask
  • Las Cañadas: tourist complex with swimming pools, camping area and zip lines

Attractions inside the city:

  • "Mercado Negro": fish and shellfish market
  • Hussong's: the most famous and oldest cantina in Baja California
  • Riviera del Pacífico: former hotel and now museum
  • Los Globos: the most extensive street market in Ensenada where you will find everything from fruits and vegetables to second-hand objects and dead stock items.

Airbnb in Ensenada. Vacation Rentals Close to Nature

The best areas to enjoy Nature by renting a vacation home during the holidays or on the weekend are Cuatro Milpas, Valle de Guadalupe, and the coastal areas of Ensenada.

There are many benefits for physical and spiritual health that are easier to obtain in the countryside in open spaces, in wooded places, on the beach, in semi-desert valleys, as well as in areas where there are farms, orchards and crops.

Holiday properties in rural areas tend to be more spacious with most offering a garden.

Many vacation rentals are favored by being in open country delighting us with beautiful landscapes, from mountains and groves to sea views.

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