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  • Ensenada Location

    Ensenada City is located approximately 100 km south of the US-Mexico border by road.

    Ensenada is also the government seat of the municipality of the same name which occupies most of the northern portion of the Baja California peninsula.

    Lunch and Dinner in Ensenada

    In our city there are several restaurants offering chefs' signature dishes, such as Belio's and Planta Baja, both located in El Sauzal.

    Famous Ophelia's is also situated in El Sauzal, being this a restaurant where fish is a specialty.

    Casa Marcelo is a restaurant offering a modern version of the traditional flavors of Mexican cuisine with the best local ingredients from Ojos Negros and Valle de Guadalupe, such as cheese and wine.

    They are located near the Bus Station. Phone: (646) 117-0293

    Ensenada Gastronomy

    Ensenada typical dishes are the popular fish tacos, known internationally.

    In Calle Primera and in Boulevard Costero there are several places where you can relish this delicacy.

    Scientific Research in Ensenada

    Ensenada is currently the city with more scientists per capita in Mexico.

    Here is the Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior center where they conduct research on earth science, applied physics, oceanography and marine biology.

    Events in Ensenada

    The famous Baja 1000 race, in November, Fiestas de la Vendimia, held during August, and the Carnival, celebrated between February and March, are three among other events held annually in this port city.

    Climate in Ensenada

    Ensenada offers one of the best climates on the planet, classified as Mediterranean. Summers and winters are generally mild.

    Tourist Attractions in Ensenada

  • The Bufadora, whale watching and the Wine Route, together with the Astronomical Observatory, are among the attractions of this area.

  • In addition, both Ensenada coasts, one in the Pacific Ocean and the other in the Sea of Cortez, offer the opportunity to practice various water sports.

  • Port Services in Ensenada
    Ensenada is a seaport in Baja California and is linked to Mexican and foreign ports.

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