Parachuting and Skydiving in Ensenada, Baja California

Extreme parachuting and skydiving in Ensenada. Jump out of an airplane and experience the thrill of a freefall over the spectacular views of Valle de Ojos Negros, in Baja, México.

Booking a Skydive

Skydive Baja offers jumps for both beginners and experts in the wide plains of Ojos Negros, 45 km from Ensenada.

  • Training, Certification and License.
  • Age limit: 6 to 150 years old.
  • Weight limit: not more than 120 kilos.
  • Instructors: United States Parachute Association (USPA) certified.
  • Schedule: from 9 am to 5 pm weekends only.
  • Jump plane type: Cessna 206

Info and reservations, contact Fabrizio:
(646) 215-4114

Parachuting or Skydiving

This is an extreme sport in which the skydiver jumps out from an airplane, helicopter or balloon from a height of approximately 12,000 feet, and falls at a speed of 48 miles per hour for about 60 seconds before opening a parachute to reduce speed in order to make a safe landfall.

SKYDIVING and PARACHUTING in VALLE de GUADALUPE, Ensenada, Baja California


During freefall, after jumping from the plane, the skydiver does not experience the sensation of falling due to air resistance.

The skydiving practitioner can move in the air during free fall through body movements. For example she/he is capable of rotating, forward, backward and even accelerate their speed.

If the skydiver falls with their body parallel to the horizon, face down, their speed will be about 190 kilometers per hour.

And if she/he falls vertically, upside down, they will reach between 250 and 300 kilometers per hour.

After a minute, the parachutist opens the parachute which has the means to control direction, speed, and landing with satisfactory smoothness.

About Baja California

History of Parachuting

 The earliest evidence we have on parachutes belong to the Renaissance era in which Leonardo Da Vinci designed his own.

In 1797 the French Andre-Jacques Garnerin was the first person to jump on a parachute. He did so from a balloon at a height of 900 meters.

Later, the military improved the parachuting technology to offer both crew and passengers of balloons and aircraft, a system to save their lives in emergencies.

Militarily parachutes have been very useful to deploy troops from the air.

Parachuting emerged in 1930 as a recreational activity and competitive air sport. And in 1951 both were internationalized.

Consequently the following words became internationalized such as... skydiving, skydivers, parachuting, free fall, tandem skydiving.

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