Ensenada Night Clubs

Where to go at Night in Baja California

In Ensenada night clubs are located in downtown's tourist area where there is an exciting and vivacious night life.

Dance clubs pump out modern disco most of the night.

Night Life in Ensenada
Ensenada night clubs and some very rowdy bars like Papas and Beer and Hussong's Cantina make the Ensenada nightlife come alive.

Papas and Beer and Hussong Cantina are the most famous and iconic bars of Ensenada. Night clubs in Baja California

Papas and Beer
This cantina offers a crowded, rowdy atmosphere where it's impossible to feel alone or bored... and often impossible to hear yourself think, so that there's nothing left to do but dance and drink!

Here you'll find plenty of hot young singles between ages 18 and 40 whether you're male or female. But keep in mind that this is a bar that, like a vampire, comes alive in the night with cheap beer, loud music, and the largely twenty-something crowd that such a place attracts.

The nightlife means everything for Ensenada's Papas and Beer. And gals, you'll want to wear pants --not a skirt-- to this wild bar. The waiters will turn people upside down while feeding them Tequila Slammers.

Papas and Beer Location
Calle Ruiz 10
Phone: 646 178-3822

Hussong's Cantina
This famous bar has been in Ensenada for over 100 years, since 1892, when it was opened up by a German immigrant.

This "bar that built a town" might have helped the remote little frontier settlement of Ensenada grow into a hot spot of Baja California more than any other single place.

Hussong's still has that frontier feel to it, enchanting locals and tourists alike. Keep in mind, however, that there is often frontier-style barroom brawling that goes on here, too! Have fun and keep your head down, and sit facing the room! You'll find the Cantina busy all day and night.

Where is Hussong's Cantina
Calle Ruiz 11
Phone: 646 178-3210

Restaurant, bar and grill. Taste their delicious drink Scorpion Bay. Live karaoke.

Calle Primera and Calle Ruiz.
Phone: 178-3883

Night Life Warning
As a matter of fact, you really don't want to walk alone as an unescorted female late at night in Ensenada. No, the town is not dangerous, really; in fact, there are plenty of policemen on patrol and the town is well-lit at night.

It's just that there is so much drinking and rowdy carousing that lusty males filled with machismo who are surrounded by beautiful females on sweltering evenings can get carried away... and may try to carry you away!

But that's all part of the spicy, electrical fun of the nightlife in Ensenada. And if you've over-indulged in the night life... and that's so easy to do in this heady town... don't take a chance that you can be tricked by muggers posing as drunkards staggering home with you.

Hail one of the perfectly convenient taxi cabs and get back to in safety after you've had your fill of fun with the Ensenada night clubs.

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