Getting Around Ensenada, Baja California

No matter what transportation you choose while getting around Ensenada... you will know better this city, get more out of your trip and live a memorable experience.

Getting Around Ensenada

Getting Around On Foot

You can easily tour Ensenada downtown and the tourist zone on foot since these areas are small and adjacent.

The bustling Avenida Juárez and the sophisticated Calle Ruiz are the most popular downtown streets among locals.

Calle Primera Street
and Bulevar Costero

These avenues are the premier tourist streets where hotels, fine shops, plenty of bars, cafés and restaurants with outside seating are all aligned.

Street Orientation and Name


Numbered streets run north and south.

Celebrity named streets run east and west.

This street arrangement makes getting around Ensenada an easy walk.

Getting around by Car

To visit, say, the Wine Route, La Bufadora, or Rancho Agua Caliente, you need a car, either owned or rented.

A car is essential to explore the vast territory of Ensenada.

Getting Around by Public Transportation

If you are adventurous, or you are traveling on a tight budget... this system is your best sightseeing option.

90% of the public transport in Ensenada is carried out by small buses.

These vehicles are popularly known as "micros".

The basic fee to travel on "micro" is less than US 80 cents (its equivalent in Mexican pesos, of course).

Do not ride "micros" late at night.

Getting around by Taxi Cab

Taxis Amarillos.
24 hours service. Local and country services available.

They can take you wherever you like. Passengers are auto insured.

Example of their fees: La Bufadora round trip is about US $15 per person.

Their cabstand is located at the corner of Calle Primera and Miramar.

English spoken: 178-3475.

Taxi Colectivo


Colectivo is a fast taxi riding in a fixed route within the city.

They charge about US 80 cents per person (in Mexican currency).

Their main routes include Avenida Reforma and Avenida Juárez.

Car Hire Ensenada

Car rental companies are conveniently located at walking distance from some hotels within the tourist zone.

Click here for a list of car rentals.

Tourist Information

For free tourist information brochures and maps visit the Ensenada Visitor Information Center located in Boulevard Costero, near Virgilio Uribe St.

Dial 646 178-2411 or 646 178-3317

Highway Assistance

If you need car assistance while driving the Tijuana-Ensenada highway, the Green Angels will be happy to assist you.

  • This is a FREE daily-24-hours service.
  • Toll free number: 01 800 990 3900.
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers and Tourist Help: 074 and 078

We hope getting around Ensenada will deliver you great experiences.

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