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In Ensenada surfing offers popular surfing locations and excellent secret surf breaks.

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Surfing conditions in Ensenada

Imagine surfing waves in a nearly virgin area enjoyable only by you and your pals.

Ensenada, located in Northern Baja California, has some of the best areas for surfing in its west coast.

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There, the surfing conditions are somewhat similar to those of Southern California. But with a big, big difference... no surfing crowds.

The western coast of Ensenada is exposed to currents generated by winter storms in the North Pacific, producing excellent waves for surfing.

Surfing in Todos Santos Islands

These islands are particularly favorable to receiving first-class monster waves confronted by seasoned surfers.

Located in the smaller island, is "Killer", one of the most famous wave breaks around the world.

There, the waves are several times bigger than any other throughout Baja California.

"Killer" can be located in the northwest tip of this tiny island.

In these islands surfing contests are held every year, attracting famous surfers.

Todos Santos islands boast the Pacific coast's biggest, baddest surf.

From November through February deep-water northwest swells sweep the partially submerged northwestern point of Isla Norte producing powerful 20-30 feet waves.

The northwest coast of the southern island also offers a good winter break.

When the northwest swell is marching hard, a colossal ling-riding named "Thor's Hammer" is experienced in the channel between the two islands.

"Chicken" is another good swell breaking in the same channel.

There is usually an 80 foot visibility in the water and it is cold most of the time.

Todos Santos islands are a year-round surf destination.

To reach Todos Santos islands, which are only 12 miles from the port of Ensenada, you need to rent a boat.

They generally charge about US $20 per person.

Ensenada Surfing at San Miguel

In this location there is a potent wave which is best during a west or northwest swell.

Takeoffs are steep and fast.

The swells swing down through submarine canyons off the coast and move in perfectly down the rocky point.

This surfing location is 60 miles from the border.

San Miguel is immediately after the last toll booth before Ensenada.

Pitch a tent on the beach for $10 a night.

Or plug your RV for $10. Hot showers available.
For information call 01152 646 174-7948.


Surfing Punta San José

It's best on a south or a huge west swell, when the prevailing wind is offshore.

Drive south from Ensenada through Santo Tomas wine-growing valley. After 30 miles from Ensenada, turn left.

A dirt road leads to Santo Tomas.

Buy your food and drinking water here because at Punta San Jose there are no shops.

Now drive another 35 miles from Santo Tomas until you reach the lighthouse.

Camping fee is $5. There you can get fresh lobster for about $5.


Surfing Seven Sisters
This is a series of point breaks that go from Punta Cono all the way to Punta Rosarito.

The area is located about 390 miles south from the USA-Mexico border, via Highway 1.

To get there, go to Santa Rosalillita which is a few miles south from Catavina. Then select either north or south.

The area may require a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Camping is available.

Best Surfing Seasons

Ensenada Surfing in Summer
The summer months offer the best opportunity to surf with your favorite swimsuit.

Temperatures range from 68 to 65.

The swells during this period of time usually varies between south and southwest.

Ensenada Surfing in Winter
In Ensenada, during the months from October to April the water temperature ranges between 50 and 60 degrees, so it is always best to wear a full suit.

Good swells during winter usually come from the West or Northwest and are quite consistent.

In Ensenada surfing offers sheer adrenaline, a plethora of attractions and the unique beauty of Baja California.

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