East Coast of Ensenada
Scuba Diving in the Sea of Cortez

Ensenada Scuba Diving offers the Sea of Cortez for those who love diving in warmer waters. There is an endless number of islands, coastal diving sites and marine caves in the east coast of the Ensenada municipality.

Top Best Scuba Diving Destinations: Bahia de los Angeles | Puertecitos | San Luis Gonzaga | Partida and other Islands |

Echinoderms in Baja

Starfish under the Ensenada sea

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Here I will give you a glimpse into what you can expect to see along the East Ensenadian coast, from Puertecitos to Bahia de Los Angeles, in the Sea of Cortes.

Its tepid waters, enriched by currents, abound with species of fish, shells, black coral, sea horses, gorgonia forests, whale sharks and lots of dolphins and other forms of marine life.

Scuba Diving in Puertecitos

This seaside village is just two hours and a half southeast of Ensenada City and 52 miles south of San Felipe.

Diving is limited due to the lack of services providing air fills. Encantada island offers many great places for beginners to try out.

Scuba Diving in San Luis Gonzaga
This bay is 72.5 Km south of Puertecitos. In Punta Final, at the southern tip of the bay, there are beautiful beaches and some hidden coves awaiting exploration.

San Luis island offers a visibility average of 60 feet. And is an excellent diving site for both beginners and experienced snorkelers and scuba divers.

Scuba Diving in Bahía de los Angeles
This small fishing village offers diving and snorkeling. Here, the most notorious and spectacular locations to enjoy sandy sea bottoms, turquoise blue waters and the most interesting creatures a diver might come into contact with, are the islands off this quiet bay such as Cabeza de Caballo, Coronado, Coronadito, La Ventana, Calavera, El Pescador and Angel de la Guarda, the largest of all.

Visibility is up to 80 feet. The best diving season in the Sea of Cortes is from May to November. This area is for both beginners and experts.

In this area Ensenada scuba diving offers a wide biodiversity of marine life... dolphins, sea lions, shark whales, whales and mantas.

Scuba Diving in Las Animas, Partida, Raza, Salsipuedes and San Lorenzo Islands
These off-the-beaten track islands, south of Angel de la Guarda island, are awaiting for the adventurous diver looking for virginal diving havens in Baja California Sur.

In Ensenada scuba diving is best enjoyed during the months of May, June, July, October, November and the first days of December. Some days the visibility reaches 60 feet.

As you can see, the blend of desert-and-sea makes this under water sport a unique worthwhile experience.

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