Canopy and Zip Line Tours in Ensenada, Baja California

Canopy and Zip Line Tours in Ensenada
Fly high above the ground at about 30 kilometers per hour.

Canopy and Zip Line Adventures

Canopy tour is a ride above the treetops using zip lines and suspension bridges, interconnected.

Some canopy tours may include water slides and jumping platforms to practice bungee jumping.

A canopy tour offers you the exciting opportunity to fly high above the ground and through the treetops.

Up there you will see Nature from a perspective previously reserved only for the birds.


Canopy and zip line tours in Ensenada. Where?
Las Cañadas. Km 31.5 Carretera Ensenada-San Quintín, Baja California.
Phone: (646) 153-1055

Zip lines / zip wires

A zip line consists of a pulley and a steel cable.

The cable is tensioned and secured by its ends by two points whose height is different in relation to the horizon line.

This difference gives the cable the proper slope that allows a person, attached to the pulley, to slide freely downhill driven by gravity.

Types of Zip Lines
Zip lines are usually installed in entertainment areas, including parks and beaches.

There are zip lines for adventurous tourists looking for extreme activities, and also for the exclusive use of children.

In some rain forests, like those of Costa Rica, and in remote and inaccessible places, the highest and most extensive zip lines have been installed.

Zip Lines, Sizes
Some of the most amazing zip lines in the world are about 800 meters long and over 50 meters high.

These are zip lines where users travel at about 30 kilometers per hour.

Zip Lines and Eco-Awareness
In wooded areas crossed by wide rivers and crammed with abundant wildlife, zip lines lying above the treetops have been very useful to raise awareness among visitors about the value of ecosystems.

Zip Lines, Tourist Attractions
Zip lines have become very popular holiday attractions offered to visitors in areas of outdoor adventure.

They are a staple of extreme activities such as canopy tours.

Zip Lines. Related Terms

Canopy, tyrolean traverse, cables, tyrolienne, canopy tour, ecotours, flying fox, slide foefie, zip wires, aerial runway, aerial rope slide, death slide, Tyrolean crossing.

Recommended Ziplines in the World

Longest zipline: Icy Straight Point, Hoonah, Alaska, EUA.

Two way system zipline: Flaying Fox at Mokai Gravity Canyon, Taihape, New Zealand.

A ride over  jungle, a lake and a volcano: Volcán Arenal, Costa Rica.

Longest zipline over the sea: Labadee, Haiti.

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