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How Much does it Cost to Rent a Car
with Driver in Ensenada ?

I would like to know if there are car rentals at the cruise ship dock and how do I go about finding out how much it would cost to rent a car and hire a driver?

Ella Mailer, California, USA

How much does it Cost to Renta a Car with Driver in Ensenada?

The car rental company that is fairly close to the pier where the cruise ships dock is Fiesta Renta Car.

The good news for you is that they also can rent a car with driver.

The cost to rent a car with driver depends on the type of car, the number of days that you rent the car, and the season of the year.

To find out the rate they would charge you for renting a car in those conditions, contact them at the following numbers:
646 176-3344 and 646 177-7777.

Some of the Advantages of having a Car-Rental Driver

1- The driver will move you around town with ease.

2- The driver can recommend places that may interest someone like you, interested in knowing the emblematic sites of Ensenada.

3- The driver could also suggest restaurants according to your culinary preferences.

4- And what better than an expert local driver to offer you a list of hotels from the most luxurious to the cheapest.

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