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Read Questions and answers about Ensenada and Baja California.

Ask questions on any topic related to this region. We will do our best to answer completely and honestly.

Most of the questions are related to specific topics such as the best local wine, money exchange, an art gallery.

Some persons seek general information regarding the cost of living. Others want a recommendation while comparing two or more hotels.



The closest place to Rent a Car in Ensenada, Baja Not rated yet
Let us assume that you are in the tourist area of Ensenada, near Calle Primera. The nearest place where they rent cars is located just inside the Hotel …

Do I Need Passport to Cross the Border into Mexico to Drive to Ensenada from San Diego? Not rated yet
Do you need a passport to cross the border into Mexico to drive to Ensenada from San Diego? I have 3 grandchildren that live in San Diego and …

Roma to Ensenada by Airplane Not rated yet
I am planning to fly from Rome -in Italy- to Ensenada. Is out there an airport? Greetings. Giovanni T. Our answer: Since there is no international …

Questions and Answers about Ensenada, sent by some of our visitors:

  • Hi, I wonder if you could help please. My son is staying with his girlfriend in the Cibolas del Mar area of Ensenada. They are expecting the birth of their baby any day, and I would love to send them flowers.

    Do you have a list of local flower shops who deliver to that area? Many thanks.

    Shelagh Keynes, Wolverhampton, UK

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  • I would like to know if are car rentals at the cruise ship dock and how do I go about finding out how much it would cost to rent a car and hire a driver.

    Ella Mailer, California, USA

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  • Hi, my name is Daniel, live in Cancún and want to know if there are sharks in La Ventana, Baja California Sur.

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