Laguna Hanson

For a truly camping experience go to Laguna Hanson

This pine-tree area, nestled within the Parque Nacional Constitución park, is one of the finest tourist attractions in Ensenada.

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Laguna Hanson

This body of water is fed by the waters that drain from the rocky hills that surround the park, reaching its peak after the rainy season.

Driving Directions

Hanson Lake is located 86 miles east of Ensenada.

Drive 56 miles to Ojos Negros.

Do not enter the village. Instead keep driving along the paved road.

After about 10 miles you will see a small, barely visible sign at your left announcing the park and the lake.

Turn in that direction and you're on a dirt road.

After about 20 miles you will reach the lagoon.

How to Rent a Log Cabin near Hanson Lagoon

To rent a cabin under the pines canopy near the lake, book it in advance by dialing (686) 554-4404 or (686) 554-5404 between 8 am and 3 pm, Pacific time.

Most cabin rental rates are about US $100 per night. You can write them at pnconstitucion @

Cabin Types at Laguna Hanson

There are two types of cabins...

1- one story with space for 6 guests

2- two story, for 10 people

Both types have toilet and shower

Bedding not included

Camping by the Hanson Lake

You can also bring your tent to camp along the lagoon´s shore, or anywhere in the Parque Nacional Constitución.

Fauna at Parque Nacional Constitución

When you visit this place it is very likely that you find coyotes, pumas, bighorn sheep and other more common animals such as rattlesnakes, rabbits, hawks, falcons, crows, skunks, rats, ducks and geese.

History of Hanson Lake

Shortly after 1880 Jacob Hanson, who arrived in Baja California from Norway, acquired a large estate in the central area of ​​the Sierra de Juárez where he established a ranch for the breeding of quality cattle.

Within its vast property was a beautiful lagoon.

At that time it was well known that the Norwegian was amassing a large fortune through his cattle business.

From time to time, Hanson used to travel to San Diego, CA, to conduct activities related to his business.

During one of these trips, Hanson disappeared in Milquetay, shortly after crossing the border.

The assailants, taking advantage of the disappearance of the Norwegian, entered his ranch but they were discovered and locked up in the prison of Ensenada.

Hanson was never heard of again, nor did the criminals obtain what they sought, supposedly...

However, now we visitors can enjoy the lagoon which was baptized with the last name of that ill-fated Norwegian entrepreneur.

Visitor's Guide to the Park's lake

To enjoy the most of your visit to this beautiful area, we recommend you to read their visitor´s guide which has all the details on what offers you this protected natural area. Write to: and request a copy of the guide.

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