Casinos and Sportsbooks in Ensenada, Baja

Casinos and Sportsbooks in Ensenada offer straight bets, exotic bets, slots and other gambling activities.

Grupo Caliente Race & Sports Book is the premier sports betting in the area. They offer highly technological systems allowing customers to place wagers online in real time with their GC affiliates around the world.

Casino Caliente in Ensenada.


Casino Caliente. Av. Pedro Loyola close to Macroplaza.
Branch at Calle Primera and Calle Guadalupe.
Phone: (646) 176-1901.

Casino Skampa.


Skampa Casino. Bulevar Costero and Avenida Delante.

Sports Betting
There are bets on horses, dog racing and jai alai games. Also traight bets and exotic bets.

Casinos and Sportsbooks in Ensenada offer popular games and some of the most important racetracks in the world such as Saratoga, Calder, Aqueduct, Gulfstream, Del Mar and many more.

The point spread and the money line are the two main types of sports betting.

Point spread.
Poin spread is the number of points in favor or against a team. In sports such as basketball or American football, betting on the point spread is more popular.

Money Lines is a sports betting type used to set odds on sports such as football, baseball, golf, hockey and boxing.

Steps to request your favorite bet at the cashier
Select from racetrack, dog or jai alai. Select game or race. select amount to bet. select type of wager. Select competitor's name.

Gambling Casinos
The casinos are places where visitors can bet and play various games of chance such as baccarat, blackjack, poker, bingo, 21, lottery, roulette, sports betting and more.

Casinos and Economics
The casino games are companies that financially benefit not only their owners but also the economy of the places where they are located.

Tourism and Sports Betting Casinos
The casinos encourage, directly or indirectly, local tourism as their customers require restaurants and hotels.

Luxury Casinos
Gambling casinos generally stand out for its architectural beauty. These buildings have elegant lounges, cutting edge technology and modern gaming machines.

Gambling Casinos
In these casinos the player depends on chance to win or lose. However, the player with skill and intuition can win some games of chance.

Internet Casino Games
It's more comfortable to play games of chance from your computer and in the comfort of home. There are a lot of casino games that can be played "online" as poker, bingo and baccarat. In this case the participants play against the "house" who usually wins.

To enjoy the Ensenada sports betting pleasure, you do not need to become a sports book guru to win. Just join the fun and cross your fingers...

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