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Lower Cost of Living and the good life

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  •  Are you considering your retirement in Ensenada as your opportunity to enjoy the good life of Baja California?

But where exactly in Ensenada? Ensenada is a vast municipality covering most of the Northern Baja area...

...from the Pacific Ocean coast to the shores in the Sea of Cortes, and from Bajamar in the north, to half way down the Baja California peninsula in the South.

Within this vast area there are several communities that you may consider to plan your retirement in Ensenada...

Each of them is unique and very different from the other.

Among these locations is the city of Ensenada, with its bussy port, its luxury hotels, and all the services of a well established city.

Best Towns for Retirement

Valle de Guadalupe is a valley with vineyards, restaurants and beautiful countryside villas. Most of the Mexican wines are produced there.

Bajamar is a luxury retirement community of Spanish-style houses surrounded by seaside golf courses.

La Bufadora is a seaside community to retire. It is distinguished by its marine geyser and the water sports practiced there.

San Quintín offers the charm of its bays and its abundant fishing.

Bahía de los Angeles is a small fishers village bordered by a sea of warm waters, its capricious coast and its many islands.

Cataviña offers unique desert landscapes covered with strange cacti and gigantic rock formations.

Advantages of Retirement in Ensenada

    Ensenada is 63 miles south of the international USA-Baja border. Should you need to go to San Diego for some urgency, it will take you just a short trip. You will need a Sentri pass to cross swiftly to California.
    Here, the climate is one of the best in the world. In most parts of the vast region of Ensenada prevails a Mediterranean type climate.
  • Most of the year we have sunny days. In summer the heat is not too hot, while winters are just fresh. Here do not happen tornadoes, snowstorms or hurricanes.
    In Ensenada cost of living may be within the parameters of your budget as an expatriate. Here, costs for services are a fraction of the price for the same services in the United States or Canada.
  • Therefore the value of your dollar is higher and your purchasing power increases. This allows you to have more money available for fun and other luxuries.
  • In this area it is possible to live with about 2500 dollars a month. This budget includes gardening services, maid assistance and some expenses for fun.
  • Of course, this amount does not include payment for the house. Your retirement in Ensenada may help you to enjoy a higher standard of living.
  • Consequently your retirement savings, your retirement income and your family budget will keep "healthy".
    In Ensenada there are very good hospitals, private clinics, expert physicians and dental services at costs much lower than those in the United States.
  • FOOD.
    Retirement in Ensenada offers many truly yummy advantages...
    First-quality food is produced here.
  • For example... high quality artisan wine and boutique wines are created in Valle de Guadalupe.

    Fresh lobsters, shrimp or fish is served directly to the plate.

  • Little known stores where organic foods can be purchased.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits come directly from Maneadero, a town near the city of Ensenada.
    Consequently there are excellent local restaurants offering delicious dishes.
    Thanks to the sea bordering Ensenada on both coasts, you can practice water sports such as diving, surfing, sportfishing and kayaking.
  • Ensenada is home to major sporting events such as the Newport-Ensenada Yacht Race and Baja 1000.
    The local cinemas exhibit premiere movies for the equivalent of $ 5.50, approximately.
    One of the main attractions in this region is the ease of acquiring properties on the seashore at low costs compared with those of the United States.
    Foreigners can own property in this area through a bank trust. If you are interested, visit retirement communities and retirement homes in the area and consult a professional.
    Along the west coast of Ensenada, between Bajamar and Santa Rosalillita, there are numerous beaches and cliffs little or not explored.
  • Similarly, on the east coast in the Sea of Cortes, from Puertecitos, south of San Felipe, to San Francisquito, south of Bahía de los Angeles, there are many areas of pristine beauty.
  • Inland, amidst beautiful pine-tree forests, is Laguna Hanson and the National Astronomic Observatory.
    Retirement in Ensenada can be exciting and rewarding if you get used to the Baja easy going lifestyle.
  • Most Ensenadian people like enjoying the simple things of life. There is no hurry in their lives.
  •  In this area, as well as in other parts of Mexico, the people are very kind, friendly and boast a good sense of humor.

  • Retirement Tips
    Before you select the location to spend your retirement in Ensenada, explore the whole municipality of Ensenada.
    Bahia de Los Angeles | Baja Mar | Cataviña | Ensenada City
    La Bufadora | San Quintín | Valle de Guadalupe

  • Give yourself time to visit each place.
    I recall an old saying...
    "Almost every retired was first a tourist of the place where she, he now lives."
  • Do it at different times of the year to identify climate changes.
  • Contact the local people and also the retirees living there.
  • Interview real estate professionals.

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