Ensenada Boat Racing. Regattas

In Ensenada boat racing and yachting events are held every year

Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race
The largest international yacht race in the world starts in Newport Beach, California, and finishes in Ensenada, Baja.

The average distance a competing yacht covers is 125 nautical miles and finishes between 10 and 24 hours later.

This annual competition takes place the last weekend of each April.

In the 2007 event there were an average of 480 boats competing in the race and about 4500 yacht watchers expected this celebrated competition.

This Ensenada boat racing international event attracts hundreds of well-known racers and other celebrities from around the world.

Yachting in Ensenada

Most participants try to reach Ensenada before Saturday night to celebrate with friends. The award presentations take place the next day.

The internationally renowned Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race was created by the Newport Ocean Sailing Association. The original members of the NOSA came together in 1948 to start a “just-for-fun” race for the sailors that just came back from World War II.

The very first race received 117 entries but only 65 boats finished. Little did they know that it would become a growing classic tradition as it is still today.

The Newport to Ensenada International Yacht Race includes an assortment of boats ranging from top ultra-light to maxi-yachts to non-spinnaker classes.

For additional information about this celebrated boat racing event, visit nosa.org

Boat racing and tourism in Ensenada
This yacht competition attracts dozens of visitors from different countries.

Consequently this sporting event benefits the city as the hotels receive many guests and the restaurants are flooded with a remarkable amount of hungry customers.

Sail Boats in Ensenada

The picturesque sight of sailboats sliding just off the Ensenada coast every year, has been inspiration for local photographers and artists.

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