Riviera del Pacifico

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Riviera del Pacífico History

During the Prohibition era, several American businesses were founded in Mexico's border cities, such as Tijuana and Rosarito, in Baja California.

The "Mexican Company of Rosarito" hired architect Gordon F Mayer to design and build a south California style hotel in Ensenada, which included a luxurious casino.

Construction of the building began in the 1920s.

The Playa Ensenada Hotel & Casino --its former name-- opened in 1930 as a glamorous casino, hotel, restaurant and bar visited by Hollywood stars and wealthy Americans, as well as Mexican politicians and businessmen.

Rumors say Al Capone put money to build the casino and that boxer Jack Dempsey, former full weight champion, held the position of manager.

Famous Hotel Riviera Guests

This plush gambling casino attracted personalities like Johnny Weismuller, Myrna Loy, Ali Kahn and Rita Hayworth.

Other glamorous guests that gambled and partied here during Prohibition times were William Randolph Hearst, Marion Davies, Lucille Ball and Bing Crosby.

Dolores del Rio and Lana Turner were other celebrities who visited this casino and hotel during its brief apogee.

The Mexican government outlawed gambling in 1938, and the building closed.

Current name of the former Playa Ensenada, Hotel & Casino

Centro Social, Cívico y Cultural de Ensenada

Ex Hotel Riviera del Pacifico Attractions

Today, after 40 years of misuse, and after its restoration that began in the early 80's, the former hotel and casino boasts again its elegant Moorish-style architecture.

Look closely at its elaborated mosaics, its painted ceilings and carved beams, the gorgeous grillwork on the doors, and its intricate ironwork in the heavy chandeliers.

Currently the building is used for conventions, and social and cultural events.

Reborn as the Centro Social, Cívico y Cultural de Ensenada, it now hosts the Museo de Historia and the Galería de la Ciudad.

What to see at the ex Hotel Riviera del Pacífico

The lobby displays a relief map of the Spanish mission sites.

  • Feel a nostalgic moment in the Cathedral Ballroom.
  • Do not miss the former Casino Room.
  • See historical photographs of Ensenada and murals in the entry hall.
  • The peaceful patio gardens are festooned with beautiful hand-painted tiles and monuments related to Baja California history.
  • Finally raise a toast in the Andaluz Bar, located within the Riviera's premises.

  • Where is the Riviera of Ensenada

    Boulevar Costero L Cárdenas 1421
    Between Calle Rotario and Calle Castillo, Ensenada, Baja Calfornia, México.

    Information: 01 646 176-4310

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