Scuba Diving Lessons in Ensenada

Scuba diving lessons in Ensenada, Baja California
Diving instruction and certification.

Scuba Diving Instructors in Ensenada
(alphabetically ordered)

  • Almar Dive Center: (646) 178-3013
  • Baja Blue Diver. From USA: (323) 345-4870
  • Baja Challenge Tours Buceo: (612) 128-6089
  • Baja Pro Scuba Divers: (646) 175-7527


    If scuba diving is your passion, you are invited to dive with the best scuba divers of Ensenada.

    It is not necessary to have previous experience to hire the services of any of the companies offering recreational diving. Here in Ensenada courses and tours are offered for all levels: from beginners to experts.

    Benefits of diving in Ensenada
    Well, the sea off both coasts of Ensenada offers unique flora and fauna to the practitioners of this exciting water sport.

    Another plus is that the costs of diving in Baja California are lower than those in USA. Besides these Ocean waters are not saturated with dozens of scuba practitioners as elsewhere in the world.

    All you need to enjoy Ensenada scuba diving at its best, is bring a small bag with your bathing suit, towel, soap, dry clothes, sunscreen, and all your enthusiasm.

    Taking a scuba diving course is safe with a qualified scuba diving instructor. This in turn will allow you to enjoy a fruitful scuba diving experience.

    Very few professional scuba divers offer diving lessons in Ensenada, Baja California. Their diving courses are internationally recognized and credit you as an open water scuba diver. With this certification you can offer dive trips around the world.


  • Theory.
  • Practice in swimming pool.
  • Training dives in the sea.
  • Final exam.

    The number of hours of theory and practice depends on the instructor. You will learn the basics of diving, such as hydrostatic pressure and its biological effects on the human body, as well as the dangers. Also survival techniques and deep knowledge of the diving equipment.

    The cost of the scuba diving course includes...

  • practice in the sea,
  • certification,
  • use of swimming pool and scuba diving gear loan.

    Once you learn the scuba diving basics, and after you get additional experience and skills, you are ready to advanced dives such as...

  • wreck diving,
  • undersea photography,
  • submarine research,
  • rescue,
  • cave diving,
  • Nitrox, etcetera.

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