Valentines Day in Ensenada, BC

Are you going to celebrate Valentines Day in Ensenada? This city offers excellent gift shops, and restaurants featuring romantic dinners.

Valentine's Day is known in some Spanish-speaking countries such as Día de los Enamorados, Día del Amor (Love´s Day), Día de la Amistad (Friendship´s Day), and Día del Cariño (Day of Caring).

Our recommendations for this romantic date in Ensenada

Valentine´s Day in Ensenada, Mexico. Painting by Vico, a local artist

Metrix Gifts. Teddies. Artificial flowers. Chocolates. Valentine Cards. Balloons with dedications. Downtown. Open between 9 pm and 8 pm. 176-2679.

El Rey Sol Restaurant. Special menus for Valentine's Day. Lighting candles. Music appropriate for this date: piano and saxophone. Located in the tourist area. Book in advance: 178-1733 and 178-2351.

Chocolates and Candies at Coral. Heart shaped chocolates. Hershey's. Ferrero Rocher. This shop is on Avenida Coral. Phone: 176-9045 and 173-7637.

February 14
Central America, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, México, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14, unlike other countries who celebrate it on different dates.

The most common presents that are given away on February 14 are roses and chocolates. But also teddies, marshmallows and dinners are included among the gifts for that romantic date.

Some people who believe in the symbolism of the colors, give away red roses to show their love. But when they give away roses to a friend then they choose yellow roses.

Valentine was a priest who lived in Rome during the third century. During his time he became popular because he celebrated marriages between young lovers.

Claudius II, emperor at the time, who forbade the celebration of marriages for young soldiers, ordered the imprisonment of Valentine who was beheaded in the year 270 AD.

Later Valentine was sanctified by the Catholic Church and recognized as the patron saint of lovers. The first feast in honor of St. Valentine was held 225 years later.

Valentine's Day, born in Europe, came to the U.S. via UK. Currently this holiday is celebrated in many places around the world including Asian countries such as China and Japan.

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