San Antonio Necua

San Antonio Necua is a small community of Valle de Guadalupe, within the Ensenada municipality. There live the Kumiai peoples.

This indigenous community has done well in protecting its native culture, language and habitat. Their land is one of the few natural, undeveloped remaining parcels in Valle de Guadalupe.

The Kumiai people have great respect for their land and harvest natural resources from it in a sustainable manner, using traditional methods handed down centuries ago.

Kumiai Dancers


The Kumiai community invites you to camping in their new campground located in a beautiful natural setting under an ancient grove of oak trees.

Fourteen campsites are provided with cooking grills, water, tables, with restrooms and showers nearby. Firewood is available and a small grocery store is located a few hundred yards from the campground providing basic supplies, convenience items, snacks and necessities.

There are excellent hiking and mountain biking trails. The campground is accessible by vehicle and is in a safe and comfortable location.

Campground rules prohibit motorcycles, loud music, drugs, drunk and disorderly conduct. Moderate wine drinking is popular and allowed.


Local guides from the community will take you into a world of nature, introduce you to native medicinal plants, show you sacred sites, and provide a glimpse into their world of sustainable hunting and gathering, cattle raising, and natural living.

The local Kumiai guides provide you with knowledge of the ecosystems, plants, wildlife, history of their culture and more.

Special packages are offered for groups of more than twenty-five people that include meals, handicraft workshops, lectures, long distance hikes, native dancing and singing presentations and more.


Trash must be packed out. No destruction of plants, animals, native sites or artifacts.

Respect for the land and the people is required at all times and will be provided to you from the community.

Handicrafts and Fair

Some of the Kumiai people earn their living by harvesting natural resources from their land like honey, yucca, pine nuts, and creating traditional crafts for sale such as pottery. They also make willow and true beautiful pine baskets.

The Native Community of San Antonio Necua celebrates their annual fair, each April.

Traditional crafts.

Traditional arts by Kumiai, Paipai and Kiliwas are displayed. Also wickerwork of pine and reed, ceramics and necklaces are offered for sale.

Also traditional food such as artisan cheese, delicious atole of acorn, pinole and wheat cakes.


To book a reservation call Horacio Moncada, Director:
(646) 178-8093 / (646) 178-8780 / (664) 316-9962.

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