Ensenada Mexican Food

In Ensenada Mexican food is offered by luxury restaurants, budget eateries and by humble food stands. Some of them prepare unique, authentic, traditional menus from Oaxaca, Chiapas, Yucatán, Veracruz and other Mexican states.

El Rinconcito Oaxaqueño. 178-8332.
Authentic traditional dishes from Oaxaca. Mole negro. Enchiladas.
El Rey. 176-3220.
Sopes, enchiladas, tacos, pozole, menudo. Breakfast and dinner.
Yoli´s. 172-4826.
Family restaurant. Breakfasts. Homely Mexican dishes.
Birriería La Guadalajara. 174-0392
Authentic lamb birria. Bar. Grill. Handmade tortillas.
La Placita. 178-1858.
Delicious Mexican antojitos. Home delivery.
Restaurante Ixtlán. 176-0890.
Mexican menu. Handmade tortillas. Weekends only.
Tacos Maru. 178-2720.
Tacos, burritos, tostadas, tamales, champurrado.

Mexican Cuisine in Ensenada
Some Mexican immigrants who have arrived in Ensenada, have established restaurants offering traditional dishes from their own places of origin.

Thanks to these food entrepreneurs, in this city its inhabitants and visitors can choose from a wide variety of Mexican dishes with recipes from various parts of Mexico.

Mexico's cuisine is characterized by its great variety of dishes, recipes and its distinctive flavors. The Mexican cuisine is the product of indigenous, European and other culinary traditions, such as Cuban, African, Asian and Middle Eastern.

Mexican Food, Chiapas Style
The prehispanic Chiapas food enriched their recipes with the Spanish cuisine, which resulted in a wide variety of delicious traditional dishes that we now enjoy. At present each region of Chiapas offers its culinary specialty.

Even Chiapas recipes include a wide array of chiles, such as the simojevel, this food is not spicy.

Maize is a staple ingredient in the kitchen of Chiapas, so the "tamal" is the distinctive saucer of Chiapas.

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