Holy Week Ideas for Places to Travel Around Ensenada

The Best Holy Week Ideas for Places to Travel Around Ensenada. Easter vacation destinations in Baja California.

Holy Week Dates
Holy Week runs from Palm Sunday, April 17, through Easter Sunday, April 24, in 2011. Holy Week is the last week of Lent before Easter Sunday.

The days that are more strictly observed by many people in México are Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Palm Sunday.

How to celebrate the Easter holidays in Ensenada? Enjoying the beaches? Saving these days according to your faith?

Whatever your way of thinking, in this county, which is the largest in Baja California and México, there are many different options to enjoy Easter.

Top best Holy Week Ideas for Places to Travel Around Ensenada
Enjoy the Easter Holidays in Baja California

Places that require less than one day to enjoy
The Wine Route.
La Bufadora, Marine Geiser.

Places that require one day or more
Scuba Diving.

Easter trips that require 3 or more days
San Quintín Beaches.
The Astronomic Observatory.
Camping around Laguna Hanson.

What is Easter?
Whether basking on the beaches or recalling the last days of Jesus, Easter holidays are a time for rejoicing. Students have a vacation of two weeks and several companies freeze their operations temporarily to allow their employees to enjoy these days with their families.

Easter in Mexico
Easter is one of the most important religious celebrations in Mexico. In this country is a time to meditate and to enjoy.

Easter Traditions in Mexico
In many parts of Mexico are held processions and dramatizations of the Crucifixion, as well as events to celebrate the Resurrection.

Other traditions practiced in Mexico during the Holy Week are the making of palm crosses, the Mass of Good Friday and the burning of Judas.

Want to commemorate the death of Jesus Christ according to the Catholic faith? In the Cathedral of Guadalupe, the largest temple in Ensenada, Easter is celebrated with various activities.
More information: 176-3780.

Easter Celebrations in Ensenada In this region the traditional Mexican rituals of Holy Week, such as the vigil, have been weakened due to the proximity of Baja California to southern United States whose Saxon customs have intermingled with those of here.

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