Ensenada Insurance

Mexican Auto Insurance

Buy Ensenada insurance for your vehicle before you cross the border to get to Ensenada, in Baja California.

Online Car Insurance Quotes.
It only takes you 5 minutes to put your information to get a quote from insurers selling Mexican auto insurance.

  • Select the coverage level and the company you wish to buy from.
  • Enter the list of relevant personal and vehicle information they ask you.
  • Then compare auto insurance prices to select the lowest quote with the best coverage. Or the best coverage with the lowest quote.
  • After you pay with your credit card, you will get an official Mexican Auto Policy.
  • Just print it.
  • Keep the policy with you at all times on your trip to Ensenada.
  • Leave a copy of the policy with someone at home.

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    Driving to Baja?
    Let Baja Bound take care of your Mexican auto insurance needs.

    Their easy to use website allows you to buy and print out your insurance policy in minutes. They offer some of the best coverage available. Their friendly, bilingual staff will assist you Monday-Friday from 9-5. Serving Baja California travelers since 1994.

    BajaBound.com - The easiest way to buy Mexican auto insurance.

    Car Insurance Questions You May Need to Ask

  • Will I be able to take my car home for repairs, or will I have to have repairs done in Ensenada?
  • If I can take my car home for repairs, will the policy pay Mexican labor rates or USA labor rates?
  • Will the policy cover legal services, if needed?
  • What deductibles will the policy have?

    Additional Services for Auto Policies

  • Civil liability insurance.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Medical assistance.
  • Travel assistance.
  • Medical expense for occupants.
  • Tourist information.
  • Vehicle towing.
  • Damage to your vehicle coverage.
  • Vandalism coverage.

    Do not cross the border hoping to buy car insurance in Ensenada. It may be too late.

    A little planning ahead of time can mean the difference between a nightmare and a great happy vacation in our beautiful city.

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