Museo Historico Regional in Baja

Ensenada's Regional Historic Museum and Former Prision

The Museo Historico Regional offers a permanent exhibit of "Peoples and Cultures of Mesoamerica", and colonial and indigenous collections related to Ensenada's past.

Exhibits at the Museum

Brief history of the first settlers of the Californian region.

Archaeological finds in different areas of the state.

Materials used by the first settlers of the region and their development in the peninsula.

Exhibition of pipes made of stone; Harpoons, hooks and leznas carved in bone.

Quartz tips, sticks to make fire, and other objects.

Ethnic groups of the region, their handicrafts and artifacts of daily use.

History of Ensenada

Photographs and objects from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

History of the building as military barracks.

Museum Services

  • Guided tours to groups.
  • Spaces available for temporary exhibitions.
  • Advice on archaeological, paleontological or historical vestiges.
  • Laboratory of Physical Anthropology.

An interesting aspect is the architecture of this old building that was in use for a full century.

It is a fascinating experience to tour their old cells whose walls still retain the patina of time.

First, it functioned as a fortress, then as a military headquarters, and later as a municipal jail until 1986.

It's probably one of the oldest public buildings in Baja California.

The museum is located near the tourist heart of Ensenada, on Gastelum street, at the entrance to Ensenada, between Calle Primera and Boulevard Costero.

Phone: (646) 178-2531

Visiting Hours

Open Tuesday through Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm.

Closed Mondays.

The entrance to the museum is free but donations are appreciated.

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