Ensenada Spas.
Massages and facials.

Top-notch Ensenada spas offer Mexican scrubs, Swedish massage and yummy body treatments.

Most hotels and other skin care/body centers in Ensenada offer baths, steam, herbal compounds, and other innovative therapeutic manipulations.

Facial treatment at a spa in Ensenada, Baja California

Top Best Spas in Ensenada

  • LA FONDA. European massages. Facial treatments. Wraps. Waxing. Scrubs. Private patio with lap pool. Sauna. Tijuana-Ensenada free road, Km 59. (646) 155-0394.
  • RENACE offers hair spa, facial end body treatments, skin scrubber, botox. (646) 175-9028
  • CIRSE. Swedish and sports massages. Wraps. Parafin and caviar treatments. Cirse is located inside Hotel Coral & Marina. (646) 175-0000.
  • LAS ROSAS. Body treatments. Caviar facials. Deep cleansing, nourishing, relaxation and caviar mask. Gym. Jacuzzi. (646) 174-4310
  • ESSENCE. Hot stone treatments. Downtown. (646) 174-0816 and (646) 156-5432

    Many centers have English-speaking staff and certified expert therapists.

    Treatments that may be included

  • head-neck-shoulder massage
  • body and facial beauty treatments
  • skin cleansing and skin nourishing
  • gym, jacuzzi and chocolate or caviar treatments...

    The Fancy Facial is my wife's favorite... She can choose the length of this treatment... from 30 to 120 minutes.

    Average Prices
    Most of the spas in Ensenada indulge its clientele with really economical services. In Ensenada body treatments and facials are about $1 per minute: a fraction of the same services in USA.

    Whether you are a spa-world traveler or an eventual spa patron... you will be comforted by the warmth of both the inviting local Ensenada spas and the Mexican people attending them.

    Applying a spa massage in Ensenada, Baja California

    The different massage techniques help to relax, de-stress, and eliminate annoying back pain and heaviness in the legs.

    Massage is a powerful method that helps free the mind.

    Massages are a strong ally to remove stress and muscle aches, many caused by the fast daily living. They also help to have a good sleep and to improve circulation.

    Some massage therapists apply Ayurvedic and Oriental techniques which involve friction and pressure at strategic points to achieve wellness.

    One technique, highly sought after, is the hot stone massage, because aside from being relaxing, reduce digestive problems, relieve chronic pain, detoxify the body, and reduce back and neck pain.

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