Giant Squid Diving Tours in Baja California Sur.

Who offers Giant Squid Diving Tours in Baja California Sur, México?

Giant Humboldt Squid, Dosidicus Gigas, Flying Squid or Jumbo Squid
Diving trips to see the giant squid in the Gulf of California in their natural habitat are NOT yet organized by a dive company established in the peninsula. Photos, videos and movies where you see this famous but relatively unknown sea creature, have been obtained by divers hired by film companies, by research scientists or by government agencies.

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Diving with the Humboldt Squid
To enjoy a safe dive, during which you can record video or take pictures of this disturbing creature in its own habitat during its nightlife, you must be protected by a cage like those used to observe the sharks.

Where the Giant Squid Lives
This marine creature spends most of his life at depths between 650 and 2,000 feet, where there is very little oxygen, so many of their life cycles are barely studied.

The Humboldt squid is a species native to the Sea of Cortez whose population is larger offshore of Santa Rosalía.

Dosidicus Gigas: Features and Description
This cephalopod possesses a large brain, three hearts, blue blood, and eight tentacles equipped with toothed suckers.

Its huge beak is similar to that of a parrot and is as sharp as a razor.

Some found individuals of this species measure up to 2 feet in length and weight approximately 100 pounds.

Average Life of the Giant Squid
These abyssal beings barely reach up to two years of life.

Ferocity of the Humboldt Squid
The giant squid is one of the most voracious and aggressive marine predators of the oceans. Their behavior is cannibalistic as it comes to attack and eat their own kind.

Recommended time to watch the Humboldt Squid
The best time of the year to experience this unique underwater adventure is between May and July.

Places where you can go Diving with the Giant Squid in Baja California Sur
Santa Rosalía, Loreto and Mulegé. These places offer lodging, restaurants and transportation. Other locations: nearby islands such as Cármen and Isla San Ildefonso.

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