Organic Grocery Stores in Ensenada

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Here is a select list of Organic Grocery Stores in Ensenada

Punto Selecto √ √ √ √ √ √
85% of its products are organic
Fruits, vegetables, seeds, eggs, bread, dairy, preserves, desserts, cleaning products.

Alisos 180, Col Echeverría

Costco √ √ √ √
Identify Organic Foods by means of the green strip in their packaging.
Almond drink, dates, salads, cocoa, cashew nuts. Agave syrup, quinoa, coconut water, etc.

Transpeninsular, near Walmart.
646 172-3810

Humano, Organic Grocery Store √ √ √
Vegetables, jams, bread, honey and other products

Diamante 2163, Hidalgo
They open from 11 am
Wednesday from 1 pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Phone: 646 225-0212

Lavanda √ √ √
Organic Boutique Garden
Vegetables, preserves, Bach flowers, body care products.

Obregón 884, Downtown.
646 175-7684

Vivest √ √
Health Products
Juices, chocolate, coffee and other organic products.

San Marino Shopping Center
Monday to Saturday from 8 am
646 174-5995

La Milpa, Central Naturista √ √
Only 15% of their products are organic.
The other items are naturistic.

Espinoza 246, Downtown.
9 am to 7 pm
646 176-1005

El Roble √ √
Organic foods.
Food for diabetics.
Gluten free products.

Plaza Santo Tomás, Downtown
Miramar and Calle Sexta.
646 175-7245

Some Organic Grocery Stores in Ensenada offer items with this label...

certified organic food mexico

Organic Foods.

Organic foods of plant origin are produced without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, or genetic modification.

Organic foods of animal origin are the result of organic farming whose technique prohibits the application of hormones, antibiotics and genetic engineering.

Organic agriculture is an organic food production system that maintains the health of soils, ecosystems and people.

It is based on ecological processes, biodiversity and local climatic conditions.

Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to improve the quality of life.

Some advantages of organic foods over conventional foods are:

  • They have more oligonutrients
  • They have less pesticide residues
  • They contain more antioxidants
  • They show less traces of arsenic and cadmium
  • They taste much better

Natural Products.

A natural food is a product of vegetable, animal or mineral origin, without mixing, any composition, or alteration by the human being.

But the term "natural foods" is very vague because almost all foods are obtained from Nature.

Food products labeled "natural" attract attention and give a sense of confidence.

In general, people gladly purchase products so labeled without first reading the list of food ingredients described in small print.

It is a mistaken idea to admit that foods classified as natural are not processed, that they do not contain hormones, antibiotics, sweeteners, food colors, artificial flavorings and other additives.


If a product whose label says "natural", but its list of ingredients says that it contains this and that, it is showing a total contradiction.

It is preferable to purchase products labeled as "organic", and that show the symbol that accredits them as such.

Organic foods are natural, but not all natural foods are organic.

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