Laguna Hanson

For a truly camping experience go to Laguna Hanson

This pine-tree area, nestled within the Parque Nacional Constitución park, is one of the finest tourist attractions in Ensenada.

Laguna Hanson, Ensenada, Baja California.LAGUNA HANSON ENSENADA BAJA CALIFORNIA

This body of water is fed by the waters that drain from the rocky hills that surround the park, reaching its peak after the rainy season.

Driving Directions
This lagoon is located 86 miles east of Ensenada.
Drive 56 miles to Ojos Negros. Do not enter the village. Instead keep driving along the paved road.

After about 10 miles you will see a small, barely visible sign at your left announcing the park and the lagoon. Turn in that direction and you're on a dirt road. After about 20 miles you will reach the lagoon.

How to Rent a Log Cabin by the Lagoon
To rent a cabin under the pines canopy near the lake, book it in advance by dialing (686) 554-4404 or (686) 554-5404 between 8 am and 3 pm, Pacific time.

Most cabin rental rates are about US $100 per night. You can write them at pnconstitucion @

Cabin Types
In that phone you will receive information related to the size of each cabin, the number of persons that can be accommodated, the services they have, and the cost per night.

Camping Near the Shore of Hanson Lake
You can also bring your tent to camp along the lagoon´s shore, or anywhere in the Parque Nacional Constitución.

Fauna at Parque Nacional Constitución
When you visit this place it is very likely that you find coyotes, pumas, bighorn sheep and other more common animals such as rattlesnakes, rabbits, hawks, falcons, crows, skunks, rats, ducks and geese.

Visitors Guide to the Parque Nacional Constitución de 1857
To enjoy the most of your visit to this beautiful area, we recommend you to read their visitor´s guide which has all the details on what offers you this protected natural area. Write to: and request a copy of the guide.

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