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To enjoy Ensenada sights the way few people do -from the Ocean- Ensenada boat tours and sport fishing trips are the way.

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Todos Santos Islands
About 9.5 miles west off the Ensenada coast, and 1 hour by boat, are Todos Santos islands.

Todos Santos Islands, Ensenada Bay.TODOS SANTOS ISLANDS, ENSENADA B.C.



These islands, Norte and Sur, are situated in the path of the migrating gray whales.

Activities in Todos Santos

  • Fishing: yellowtail, halibut, sea bass.
  • Hiking. Isla Sur offers a varied topography with tidal pools, hills and cliffs.
  • Surfing: powerful 28 feet waves produced during Winter in Isla Norte. Plus professional diving tournaments held every year.
  • Diving: beautiful protected coves, sea caves, and awesome coral gardens and underwater sea life.
  • Nature sightseeing: dolphins, sea lions, seals, ospreys, pelicans, cormorants.

    Punta Banda
    Punta Banda is a narrow, mostly barren, finger of land that pokes out into the Pacific Ocean at the southern end of the Ensenada bay, near Ensenada City.

    At Punta Banda's tip there is an amazing underwater garden visited by divers. This is also a productive fishing area.

    The catch is limited to the typical bottom species plus, from time to time, white sea bass, halibut and yellow tail.

    Punta Banda, Ensenada, B.C.PUNTA BANDA, ENSENADA B.C.

    This is a coastal rocky spot boasting abrupt cliffs, caves and capricious crevices. Scuba divers are attracted by the marine rock gardens decorating the submerged walls and bottom.

    Arbolitos coastal waters offer excellent visibility for divers.

    Beneath the surface of its restless sea you can see Garibaldis, crabs, lobsters, starfish, rockfish, snails, abalone, octopus, and also seaweed, sponges and anemones.


    Ensenada Boat Tours
    Sightseeing Tours

    Enjoy the Ensenada bay from a unique perspective on a scenic cruise.

  • Sergio's Sportfishing.
    Party boats. Whale watching. Custom charters. Call and book by phone: (01152) 646 178-2185.
  • Baja Fiesta Marina.
    Harbor Cruises. The boat leaves every hour. The cruise lasts 45 minutes. Adults: $25 pesos. Kids: $15 pesos. Local phone: 171-7143. From US (01152) 646 681-0215.

    Sport Fishing Tours

  • Sergio's Sportfishing.
    Required: Mexican fishing License. $12 per person, not included. Call and book by phone: (01152) 646 178-2185.
  • Gordo's is Ensenada's oldest sport fishing company. Reserve by phone. Call 949-678-1187
  • Juanitos Sport Fishing.
    Contact a booking agent: 949-678-1187
  • Azteca Too 14-pack.
    Sleeping for 14 persons. Poles, hooks, sinkers, and live bait. Local fishing, Santo Tomas Reef and long range. Book by phone: 949-678-1187.
  • Isla Guadalupe Shark Fleet.
    Great white shark diving. Departures from San Diego and Ensenada.
    Book at: 415.404.6144. Toll free: 888.405.3268

    To enjoy Ensenada boat tours by your own, rent a small motorboat with guide at the sport fishing pier area.

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