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Ensenada sport fishing

Together, the coastal waters on both sides of the Ensenada countryside possess one of the richest and more diverse populations of marine life that can be found anywhere along Mexico’s entire shoreline.

The vast Pacific Ocean to the west provides access to a wide variety of migratory fish species like yellowfin, bluefin, albacore and bigeye tuna, yellowtail and white sea bass, as well as to a host of colder water species, some of which are members of the rockfish genus, Sebastes, commonly known as ‘rock cod’.

One of the two most productive venues on northern Baja’s Pacific coast is San Quintín, a virtual paradise for saltwater fishermen.

San Quintín

The other is the beautiful seaside city of Ensenada, which was once described as Yellowtail Capital of the World.

Ensenada, Baja

Along Baja´s eastern coast lies the Sea of Cortes. The father of Baja sportfishing, Ray Cannon, once referred to it as “The world’s greatest fish trap" due to the fact that, for hundreds of miles, this narrow sea is tightly bordered by the coasts of mainland Mexico and the Baja California peninsula, and is open at only one end.

Here, many warmer water fishes such as tropical grouper, corvina, pompano, pargo and dorado abound aside a tepid desert landscape.

Throughout eons, volcanic upwellings have created numerous small islands in the region, some of the most productive being Las Islas Encantadas at the northern end of Bahia Gonzaga, and those situated within Bahia de Los Angeles, further south.

Bahía de Los Angeles

Each of these primitive locales offers anglers a plethora of concealed turquoise grottos that harbor a vast array of hungry fish, many of which can weigh well over 100 pounds.

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In the final analysis, while the individual goals of those fishing in Ensenada coasts may vary, the wide variety of its sea life is extraordinary, the local scennery is unique... and the pleasure is all yours.

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