Los Globos

LOS GLOBOS is the Ensenada's largest outdoor market where you can see vendors offering a wide array of items such as antiques, tools, clothing, used cars an even fresh produce.

This flea market offers a wide variety of items that may interest those who seek a particular object, and also those just looking to have a good time browsing around.


"Los G L O B O S" is a flea market where vendors offer a wide variety of items

This market is divided into two sections:
1- The farmers market where vendors sell fresh produce.
2- The area where vendors sell new and second hand items.

The first, whose vendors are under one roof, is open every day of the week, while the second section consists of outdoor vendors who offer their goods only during the weekends.

Ensenada Flea Market
This non tourist outdoor urban market is a heaven for those who search for valuable trash and vintage treasures.

And is definitely a good choice to buy whatever you need. It's a very convenient location with easy walk to enjoy and find interesting objects.

Bargain Shopping
Here are secondhand booths and stores where you can find real rarities such as vintage jewelry, christmas decorations, stained glass, handmade crafts, second hand furniture, vintage collectibles, home decor products, comic books, antique clocks, home furnishings, arts and crafts, vintage books and many other articles.

Vendors offer almost everything from antiques and collectibles to used tools, wood furniture, ornamental plants, household appliances and new items.

Mexican Food
In this street market you can also enjoy tejuino, a refreshing drink typical of Mexico, and authentic Mexican food.

Where is LosGlobos This flea market is just four blocks from Avenida Reforma encompassing few of them and surrounding streets.

Some of the streets running through this market are Calle 9, Avenida Coral, Calle Morelos and Calle Benito Juarez in the city of Ensenada, Baja California.

Best days to visit this street market are Saturdays and Sundays.
Best hours: from about 8 am to 2 pm.

Located on Calle 9 three blocks east of Av. Reforma.

History Los Globos was born in the late 1970s, when the wife and children of an artist came to Ensenada, from Mexico City, to be near him.

At that time he was working as a sketcher on an animation studio in Los Angeles, California.

In that city the family of this artist started buying used clothing for resale in Ensenada.

Their business began to draw the attention of the Ensenadians and soon they had to enlarge their booth and bring more merchandise.

Over time other vendors, using the same buy/sell technique, set up shops and stalls near the family´s business mentioned here.

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