Exact Time in Ensenada, Baja.

The local time in Ensenada City belongs to the Pacific Standard Time.

The Municipality of Ensenada is a vast territory whose time depends on the time zone known as Pacific Standard Time when it is used as plain standard time (UMT -8), and Pacific Daylight Time when the same is applied to the Daylight Saving Time (UMT -7).

Pacific Standard Time

This is the current time in the following Ensenada towns:

  • Alfonsina
  • Bahia de Los Angeles
  • Bahía San Luis Gonzaga
  • Bajamar
  • Cataviña
  • Colonet
  • El Sauzal
  • Ensenada City
  • Eréndira
  • La Bufadora
  • Laguna Hanson
  • Maneadero
  • Ojos Negros
  • Parque San Pedro Mártir
  • Puertecitos
  • Punta Banda
  • Punta Prieta
  • San Quintín
  • San Vicente
  • Santo Tomás
  • Valle de Guadalupe
  • Valle de la Trinidad

    Geographic places regulated by the same Pacific Standard Time: British Columbia and Yukon in the west coast of Canada; California, Whashington, Nevada, Oregon and a section of Idaho in the USA west coast, and Baja California in Mexico.

    The Mexican government agency that regulates the exact time and time zones in Mexico is the National Metrology Center (CENAM), which is under the Ministry of Economy.

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