Roma to Ensenada by Airplane

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I am planning to fly from Rome -in Italy- to Ensenada.

Is out there an airport? Greetings.
Giovanni T.

Our answer:
Since there is no international airport in Ensenada, your best option is fly to San Diego, in California, USA.
San Diego is very close to Baja California, in Mexico, where Ensenada is located.

Once in the San Diego airport, go south by trolley (an electric train).
It will take about 45 minutes to take you to San Ysidro which is the last stop and a small USA town by the International USA-Mexico border.

Bus Travel
After you cross the border line, by foot, and once in the Mexican side, ask locals about the ABC bus terminal which is located less than one block far.

The ABC buses leave its terminal every 30 minutes and the tour to Ensenada lasts one hour and a half.

The ABC service is from 6 am to 6 pm. But it is better if you buy your ticket in the morning in order to arrive to Ensenada during the day´s light.

We hope this information to be useful for you.

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