Puerto Nuevo Lobsters
in Baja California

Puerto Nuevo lobsters are cooked in a unique style. This yummy creation is usually served with rice, beans and tortillas.

This seaside village, in Baja California, is spoiled with the freshest lobsters because it lies at the ocean’s edge.

Pobster, Baja Style.

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People visit this quaint, queer fishing village to enjoy its seafood, freshly caught just offshore and quickly prepared to order.

All of this served up in a casual, friendly atmosphere.

Restaurants in Puerto Nuevo

  • La Casa de la Langosta.
    Ocean view.
  • La Escondida.
    Ocean view.
  • Villa Ortega’s.
    Posh, ocean view, phone: 661 614-0708.

    Make sure you select a table with an ocean vista. Sunsets offered here are truly splendid.

    Lodging in Puerto Nuevo

  • New Port Beach Hotel. Situated next to the town. Restaurant, bars, golf, weddings, spa.
    Toll free from USA: 1800-942-4244.

    Puerto Nuevo Facts

  • Popularity of this town started in 1956 when local women started dropping fresh lobsters into pots of boiling oil and serving them to their few customers.

    Gradually, the Puerto Nuevo has grown immensely from one restaurant to over 30 restaurants so far, including bars, shops, art galleries, hotels and tourist services.

    Fiesta de La Langosta, the famous festival celebrating this crustacean, takes place around the second week of every October.

    During the Lobster Festival, which lasts two days, visitors have the opportunity to taste exquisite dishes with lobster, served with Baja California wines in a cheerful and unique atmosphere.

    The Wine and Lobster Route is the name of the road that connects Puerto Nuevo with the wine-producing area of Baja California, in Ensenada.

    Each place's individual icon, lobster and wine, are recognized worldwide. We highly recommend driving this route.

    Driving Distances
    The lobster town is approximately 35 miles south of the border, 12 miles south of Rosarito and 40 miles north of Ensenada.

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