Paintings of Couples Hugging One Another

This article, Paintings of Couples Hugging One Another, is the feedback sent by an art collector from California.

Vico´s Mixed Media Art
A few years ago my wife and I went on a cruise. We stopped and did some shopping in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, where we saw some of Vico´s art work.

Acrylic painting on paper.
Couple hugging one another, acrylic painting by Vico

My wife really liked his art style and was moved by the images of the couples hugging one another. She said these paintings made her feel happy and content when she looked at them. We purchased a couple of Vico´s paintings and took the store's business card with hopes to arrange to buy more after our cruise.

Efforts to purchase from that store later proved to be difficult and we became discouraged.

One month ago, I was visiting a co-worker and noticed he had some of Vico´s art in his office. Although the themes were quite different, I knew it was Vico´s art work as soon as I saw it. He said he got them in Ensenada but couldn't remember the name of the store.

Vico Art Online
So, I went on-line and found the art of Vico with a renewed interest in finding more of those paintings that were so pleasing to my wife.

I saw "Abrazo Total" --which is the acrylic painting displayed above on this page-- on the website and ordered it online. We use a lot of "earth tones" in painting and decorating our home and the colors in our newly acquired art piece do fit in perfectly well.

Acrylic Paintings for Sale
If you collect paintings of loving couples, and love Vico´s art style, ask him about sizes, pricing and shipping. Just click the corresponding link on the right-hand column.

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Paintings of Couples Hugging One Another