Original Acrylic Nude Paintings

Original Acrylic Nude Paintings is a collection of sculptural paintings which seem to be portraits of chubby women.

The nude painting bellow is an example of Vico's work...

The subjects of this Mexican visual artist -living and working in Ensenada, Baja California- are characterized by corpulent women with small heads.

This kind of art is the most popular among Vico's collectors. The main attraction of his work is the visible texture rendered in both the subjects bodies and the background.

The apparent coarseness of the bodies of his nude women is sweetened by the serene and naive appearance of the female subjects, and by the rich mix of chromatic hues.

In some of his nude paintings Vico has interplayed colors so that the viewer can never settle on what colors is seeing.

Nearly every hue area in his acrylic paintings changes complexion depending on whether we view them focally or peripherally.

With his lovingly rendered interaction of color and shape Vico offers plenty for the viewer to enjoy.

Vico is a multifaceted artist. Throughout his life he has created oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, pastel paintings, pencil drawings, pop art, surrealism, and abstract art.

Since prehistoric times, the pictorial representations of nude women have been abundant.

According to every period of history, nude paintings have been admired or condemned.

Nude paintings are created for different purposes: from the religious to the mythological, and from the purely aesthetic to the erotic.

The female figure is shown in paintings more than the male figure.

Some famous painters who created beautiful works of art with nude women are: Modigliani, Ignacio Zuloaga, Paul Gustave Dore, Pierre Auguste Renoir, and many more.

Today, thanks to the progress of film, television and Internet, this art genre is increasingly accepted worldwide.

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Original Acrylic Nude Paintings

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