Organic Food.
It is always fresh at
Peras & Pears...

We pride ourselves on being the finest organic food store in Ensenada City.

In our grocery store we offer a large and updated selection of farm staples, organic fruits, organic vegetables, as well as many tasty treasures every day.

Most of the food products offered at Peras & Pears are grown without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, or any other synthetic substance.

Peras & Pears offers the best variety of fresh farm products loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Fresh produce is delivered daily to our grocery store.

Generally most of our fresh vegetables are produced in the region.

Except the leek. It comes from Mexicali. The artichokes are imported. The eggplants come from central Mexico. The peppers come from Sinaloa. And our cauliflowers are from Sonora.

In Tecate there is an orchard of which we bring Asian pear, red pomegranate and figs.


Our organic fruits are seasonal... such as orange with and without pits, green apple, "Gala" apple and "anjou" pear.

  • The Cherry tomatoes we offer come from San Quintin, as well as the delicious strawberries which are export quality.

  • "Star" pumpkin and "baby" carrot are produced in Maneadero.

  • Also black-eyed apples, pears, Chinese melons, grated watermelon, yellow watermelon.

  • The medlar is produced here in Ensenada.

  • The 90% of our high quality aromatic herbs comes from the region.

Organic fruits and organic vegetables are the vast majority of our fresh organic food.

Besides, some of the packaged products offered here are also of organic origin.

At our grocery store we offer a wide selection of mushrooms, such as...

  • portobello

  • cremini

  • oyster

  • jumbo

  • shitaki

The famous cheese Real del Castillo in all its varieties. Ramonetti cheese seasoned with basil and pepper. It is ideal for gifts.

Ramonetti cheese seasoned with basil and olive oil. Lechoni cheese with chile and a very special flavor.

We offer fresh cheese, unsalted, of San Antonio de Las Minas (Valle de Guadalupe).

We also offer organic egg. Quality and freshness guaranteed.

We have olives harvested in the Ensenada countryside.

  • Black and green olives.
  • Olives with bone and boneless.
  • Olives stuffed with garlic, peppers and chile morrón.

In our produce store we offer olive oil in containers of various capacities. Obviously our olive oil is produced in Ensenada.

The coffee we offer is produced in Veracruz, but roasted and packaged here in Ensenada.

We have a wide variety of teas produced in this area.

Peras & Pears pack their own jams such as... strawberry, tomato, pear, and plum.

Also we pack artichokes with eggplant and chile "en nogada". Ask for it.

We also offer homemade food... such as alfajores, butter cookies, "empanadas", granola cookies, homemade bread, "calamata" olives with dried tomato and parmessano cheese.

The fist time we opened the doors of our organic food business, was February 28, 2005.

It was baptized Peras & Pears to honor my wife, named Esperanza... EsPERAnza. "Pera" means pear.

Of course, we, Eduardo and Esperanza, are the proud owners of Peras & Pears.

  • Peras & Pears is open from 9 am to 18:30

  • Our grocery store rests on Sundays.

Remember: bring your shopping list on hand. Healthy eating starts with planning ahead.

Come see us at our organic food store.

Peras & Pears is located in the 637 Miramar Street, Local 2, in downtown Ensenada, Baja California.

Phone: 175-9561

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