Nude Beaches in Baja California Sur

There are nude beaches in Baja California Sur although in Mexico nudism is illegal.

In Baja Sur there are many sites offering private facilities for tourists in search of nudist coastal areas.

Private and Secluded Nude Beaches in Baja Sur where it is possible to Practice Nudism

The following list is based on unconfirmed sources, and is offered as information only to open-minded practitioners of nudism who respect both human beings and Nature

Some nudist beaches are in Cabo San Lucas, San José del Cabo, the Tourist Corridor and in Todos Santos.

Nude Beaches in Baja California Sur

Sea of Cortez

  • Isla Coronado
  • Isla del Carmen
  • Mulejé
  • Bahía Concepción
  • Playa Balandra, 25 km from La Paz, on Highway 11
  • Playa Nopoló, located on the outskirts of Loreto, where there are first class tourist services including the Hotel Eden that allows the practice of nudism to adult couples only.

Pacific Ocean

  • Playa de las Viudas, south of the Hotel Twin Dolphin. Small beaches and rock formations.
  • Playa Buenos Aires, between the Westin Regina Resort and Golf Club Eldorado.
  • Playa San Pedro, 57 miles north of Cabo San Lucas on Highway 19. This beach is also known as Las Palmas.
  • Playa Cerritos, between Todos Santos and Los Cabos.

The coastline of Baja California Sur is almost an infinite expansion where it is quite easy to find remote places to practice nudism, alone or with somebody who shares the pleasures of naturism, sunbathing without clothes and outdoor nude gatherings.

Due to the very low population density in the area, it is not difficult to find a beach or coastal nook totally uninhabited.

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How to Behave in a Nudist Beach

A Summary Guide to Nudist Behavior in areas where Nudism is Practiced

Rules of Conduct to Behave properly in Nudist places in Mexico and anywhere in the World.

  • Explore the nudist area where you are so that you take into account the limits of the place. Make sure you are in the nudist area.
  • Bring only what you need: towel, sunscreen, umbrella, water, snacks, and your swimsuit that you will wear when you leave the nudist area.
  • Do not take photos of other nudists. Respect them.
  • Any attitude of a sexual nature is not well regarded by the nudist community, especially if there are children.
    Immoral conduct is repudiated and subject to be reported to the police.
  • If you are going to leave the nudist area by crossing its limits, use your bathing suit or towel to avoid disturbing those who are not naked or who are not nudists.
    Respect others.
  • Do not throw trash. Leave the beach as clean as it was when you got there.
  • Share these rules of nudist behavior with people who come to a nudist area for the first time.

If you stick to this code of nudist behavior, no one will notice that you are newly admitted to naturonudism.

Instead, you will be well seen by other nudists and you will feel like a fish in the water in that environment of open criteria.