Mexican Colonial Style Furniture in Ensenada

Where to find the best Mexican Colonial style furniture in Ensenada
Baja California

In this page we are listing stores offering the beautifulest Mexican furniture in Ensenada you'll be proud to have in your home, according with our judgement.

Mexican Colonial Style Furniture in EnsenadaMEXICAN COLONIAL STYLE FURNITURE

Mexican Colonial Style Furniture Stores

Fausto Polanco

  • Custom made furniture
  • Mezquite, alder, pine.

    Calle Primera 1107 and Castillo Street
    Open every day from 10 am to 7 pm. Phones: (646) 174-0314
    and (646) 174-0336


  • Custom made furniture
  • Oak
  • Pine
  • Mahogany

    Calle Segunda 1010. Phone: (646) 178-8666

    Muebles La Mision

  • Custom made furniture
  • Mezquite, alder, pine.

    Villa Mexicana, between Alvarado and Riveroll
    Open Wednesday through Monday from 10 am to 5:30 pm
    Phones: (646) 174-0314 / (646) 174-0336

    Advantages and Services Offered by some Furniture Stores

  • Real mezquite furniture pieces
  • Mexican furniture pieces at lower prices than those for similar items in USA
  • Shipping to Continental USA
  • Accessories that reflect the Mexican flavor

    Choices to take into consideration when planning your furniture

  • wood: alder, mahogany, mezquite, oak, pine
  • solid wood?
  • style: rustic, Spanish Colonial, Mexican Colonial
  • fabric

    Information About Mezquite
    Mezquite is a beautiful grained, hard, heavy and dense wood. Most Mexican Colonial style furnishings are naturally embellished with mezquite.

    Average price for a mezquite custom made chair: from $700 to $3000.

    Other Mexican Rustic Home Accessories you may find at these Colonial Style Furniture Stores

  • Crosses
  • Mexican pottery
  • Talavera pottery
  • Mexican folk art
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Wrought iron hardware

    The first Spanish furniture that came to Mexico was a folding chair, well painted, that Cortes gave the emperor Moctezuma in 1519.

    Since then, Mexico's Colonial furniture were made with woods that the Spanish conquistadors brought to Mexico as oak, cedar, pine and cypress, as well as European tools of iron and steel for woodworking such as saws, bits, gurbia and more.

    At the beginning of the sixteenth century Mexican artisans learned how to make chairs, benches, tables, beds, wardrobes, cupboards and chests in Spanish style. And at the end of the century indigenous artisans began making furniture from what they had learned, adding elements of their own creativity.

    Mexican Colonial Furniture was born, which acquired subsequent influences coming from Europe. The decorative styles of France, Italy and England inspired Mexican carpenters.

    About the same time various types of furniture were developed in colonial Mexico, mainly in Guanajuato, Michoacan, Puebla, Taxco (Guerrero) and Tlacotalpan (Veracruz).

    However, these five styles of Mexican colonial furniture, and other less important, share some characteristic features inherited from the antique furniture of the Spanish viceroyalty.

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