Mexican Artists in Ensenada

Baja California

To our surprise, there are many Mexican artists working in Ensenada. Here we are listing them, sorted by art painting thechniques.

As soon as we can, we'll add the individual information of these visual artists so you can contact them directly.


  • Abstract Art: Vico.

  • Acrylic Paintings: Vico.

  • Avant Guard Art: Marcos Miranda and José Luis Torreblanca.

  • Expressionism Art: Mati Ransenberg, José Jule, Pedro Peralta, Armando Franco, Eduardo Tello.

  • Fine Art Nude Paintings: Vico.

  • Fine Art Prints: Vico.

  • Minimalism Art: Jaime Delfín.

  • Seascape Paintings: Yolanda Valdez.

  • Sculpture Artworks: Rita and Eduardo Beadle, Leonel Flores, Sebastián, Arámbula, Torres brothers.

  • Surrealism and Fantasy Art: Favy.

  • Other Artists: Estela Hussong, Enrique Avilez, Esther Aldaco, Nancy Ordóñez, Erika Fuentes, Hortensia Hernández, Rogelio Martínez, Manuel Barrona, Rosendo Méndez.

Most of these artists have experienced various pictorial styles and flows along their lives.

If we are missing one of the Mexican artists living in Ensenada, please contact us.