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Travesia Baja Camping 2009

Information about Travesia Baja Camping, the original.

It is a walk of several days touring different routes and rural areas in the middle of the Baja California peninsula, which combines camping, hiking and trekking.

This annual event is an adventure that consists of walking from Playa Altamira, located south of Santa Rosalillita and 10 kilometers south of Nuevo Rosarito, in the Pacific Ocean, to Bahia de los Angeles in the Gulf of California.

  • Length of route: 110 kilometers.
  • Duration of the journey on foot: three days.
  • Climate possible during the walk: mornings, afternoons and nights are very cold.

  • Departure location: Playa Altamira.
  • Be there by: December 2, 2009.
  • Departure date: December 3 at 6:30 pm.
  • End of tour: December 6.
  • Place: Bahia de Los Angeles.

Prerequisites for this journey:

  • good health and fitness.
  • camping equipment.
  • appropriate clothes.
  • Boots and tennis.
  • provisions for three days.
  • water for drinking, washing and cooking.
  • Pay the registration fee before October 31.

Attractions that are enjoyed during the trek:

  • Valle de los Cirios
  • the hot springs and gardens of Mission San Borja
  • cave paintings
  • beaches, valleys and canyons

For more information about this adventure contact Eduardo de la Peña:

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Information About Travesia Baja Camping

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