Guadalupe Island White Shark Diving. Swimming with the Great Whites of Isla Guadalupe, Baja

White Sharks Trips by

White Sharks Trips by

Guadalupe Island White Sharks

Guadalupe white sharks have been featured on television shows like Shark Week and more recently National Geographic's Great Migrations.

Of course long before they were white shark media stars we knew them simply as "the locals".

Guadalupe Island has also been researching the history of this unique site over the past three years, uncovering rare title and ownership documents going back to 1845. This island has quite a history.

Shark Diving Tours
Our 2011 pricing includes 12 divers per trip max (compare other boats with 16-24 divers), U.S. shark and vessel crews, all shark diving permits, unlimited beer and wine, soft drinks, wet suits, weight systems, on board accommodations, meals, snacks, transfers from San Diego airport. offers expedition forward pricing so you do not get hit with surprises down the line. Solo shark divers are encouraged and never hit with a single supplement fee. Ever.

Call the Shark Diving Experts at: 888.328.7449 or join them at:


Most Excellent Shark Diving Adventure

We did our first trip with shark diver in 2010. This was the greatest adventure we have ever done, ever.

We saw 19 sharks over three days and had two shark breach right in front of us.

Thanks to the crew of the Horizon, Spencer, Martin and shark divers CEO Patric Douglas for the most memorable adventure.


Best Shark Diving Trip Ever
My dive club is going into its fourth shark diving season with the crew of the Horizon and Shark Diver. Great food, great sharks, and good times!

See you. Spencer, Martin and Patric cannot wait to see Mau and Shredder again!
Big Dawg Divers.

Great White Sharks in Guadalupe Island

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