Getting to Ensenada

Ensenada is a great place to visit, but how are you going to get to Ensenada?

Getting to Ensenada by Car, accross the Border from San Ysidro

Once on the Mexican side, drive on the right lane.

Follow the signs that read "Rosarito/Ensenada".

You will merge with the road that runs along the USA-México border that will be at your right.

After a steeped hill follow the "Rosarito/Ensenada Cuota" signs.

Three toll booths are along the scenic road.

One is located immediately after you leave the steeped hill, in Playas de Tijuana.

The second toll booth is at the southern tip of Rosarito where there is a gas station.

From there you may choose to drive either the same toll road or the "free road" which is a paved narrow road offering you the opportunity to visit Puerto Nuevo, La Misión and other charming seaside villages at your own peace.

Two Views of the Scenic Highway, taken from north to south...

Ensenada Scenic Highway

The third toll booth is at San Miguel, located a few miles before you reach Ensenada downtown.

Getting to Ensenada by car will take you about 90 minutes from the border.

Information about the lenght of the border-crossing time. Call:
In San Ysidro, California : (619) 690-8999
In Otay, California : (619) 671-8999

Highway Assistance

Should you need car assistance while on the Tijuana-Ensenada Highway, the Green Angels will gladly help you.

This is a FREE daily-24-hours service.
Toll free number: 01 800 990 3900.

Other Means of Transportation to Visit Ensenada...
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