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A select list of websites that offer:
free peoplefinder UK services
Location of Family and Friends
Phone Lookup
Public Records

Free Peoplefinder UK Guide


People Search
This website offers you the possibility of finding the address and full name of the person you are looking for.

Directory enquiries, records of births and marriage, reuniting families, and property prices, are part of their services, as it has a list of more than 700 million records.


This website offers permissioned data:
Fresh telephone numbers, and also those with no more than 10 years old.

Simply enter surname, and the city or the first part of the postcode.

The numbers included correspond to Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.


Ancestry Finder
Search and Find Your Ancestors, at no cost, through a comprehensive database of the 19th century UK census returns.


Family History Research
If you are interested in the history of any member of your family, cousins, grandparents and other relatives, this site can help you through a database that was started in 1837.

Search and discover dates of birth, marriage and death, at no cost.


Person Finder
This is a search engine specialized in locating people at no cost.

Simply enter the name and location of that person, be it your family member or a friend you have not seen in a while.

People Finder Databases
No matter what your reason, it can be simple to locate people in the UK using a reliable online people locator.

A people search Uk service makes it possible to search for and locate individuals in the UK, with little to no information needed.

Several People Finder databases in the UK may help to locate all types of different information, either searching through a mobile phone tracking system, a reverse cell phone directory or through email address finders.

Public Records
There are many many Uk People Search services that provide public records for free, while others do require a small fee.

Anything that is listed in public records can be viewed for absolutely nothing, since they are records that are already available to view through phone books' whitepages and other sources.

The benefit of using a free peoplefinder Uk service to review public records is that you can find all of the information in the same place, and actually find public information based off of phone numbers, names, or addresses in Uk.

Cell Phone Numbers
Records that are not available for public viewing do have a small fee, but make it possible to locate almost anyone in the UK with only a small amount of information.

Peoplefinder services can locate people through phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, or even cell phone numbers.

Because it is difficult to tell which records are public and which aren’t, many people finders sites offer both free and fee type services.

It is possible to find almost anyone through a peoplefinder site, no matter what type of information you may have. Anything from current phone numbers to addresses can be beneficial, but you can even search for people through where they live or their current age group.

Find Friends
Using a Uk people search site can yield successful results to you, especially if you have the right bit of information to start the investigation. You can find...

  • a lost love
  • old classmate
  • a missing relative
  • your birth family if adopted
  • a long time friend who has lost touch over the years. It really is possible to find almost anyone located in the UK using the people finders listed above. All you have to do is run a simple people search to find everything you need and more.
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