Escalera Nautica and Santa Rosalillita

The Escalera Nautica -also known as Nautical Ladder- is a mega project to establish a route of 22 ports spaced 120 nautical miles apart around the Baja California peninsula.

This nautical route will include marinas, docking, fueling, lodging and other facilities. 17 ports will be located in the peninsula. And 5 in mainland Mexico.

The first step of the project is a land shortcut service for boats, situated about halfway down the peninsula.

If you prefer to save the time it takes you to sail around the southernmost tip of the peninsula, soon it will be possible to remove and transport it to the other coast in just hours.

The lenght of the paved shortcut is approximately 80 miles. There, huge and heavy trucks will haul your vessel.

This service is for yachts and small ships up to 54 feet in lenght.

One of the two port gates of this first step will be Santa Rosalillita, a tiny Pacific Ocean village within the Ensenada region, 350 miles south of the border.

The other port gate will be located close to Bahia de Los Angeles, in the Sea of Cortez.

Santa Rosalillita is a typical Baja fishing village in Baja California.

Sportfishing, camping, kayaking, surfing and windsurfing are outdoor activities practiced by visitors.

The location, which is known as "The Wall" among surfers, is a point break with constant waves.

Best time of the year to surf here is winter. There are great northeastern winds.

  • Santa Rosalillita is 175 miles south of San Quintín.
  • 32 miles south of Punta Prieta.
  • 48 miles north of Guerrero Negro.

Santa Rosalillita is a sleepy little village nestled between the beauty of the rugged landscape and the open sea. But both the scanty tourism and the slow development of its infrastructure are gradually awakening this community.

A well planned jetty, rail lifts, administrative offices, homes and commercial areas are in the planning.

In the nearby future Santa Rosalillita could become another tourist attraction of the Baja California peninsula.

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