Ensenada Nude Beaches

Ensenada nude beaches
Theoretically there are no nude beaches in Ensenada because nudism is not yet legalized in Mexico.

But, YES, practically there are plenty of nude beaches on both coasts of the municipality of Ensenada. These are secluded coastal hiding places rarely visited.

From La Mision to Guerrero Negro, in the Pacific Ocean, and from Puertecitos to Bahia de Los Angeles, in the Sea of Cortez, there are a lot of small beaches separated and protected by cliffs where you can enjoy the full freedom of being naked or topless and in full contact with nature.

There you may want to take off all your clothes and turn these places into exclusive nude beaches frequented only by people who share the same ideas of freedom and respect for Nature.

It is so gratifying the sense of freedom provided by being unclothed... You enjoy the sun, sea and sand even more.

From the very moment when you take off all your clothes on a deserted beach, you've turned it into a nude beach.

Nude Beaches
Recommendations to Nudists

  • If you've chosen a beach that attracts you to enjoy nude sunbathing, make sure there is nobody.
  • On that beach the best place is that from which you can see well in advance if a stranger approaches.
  • Be accompanied by another person or persons who share your nude philosophy.
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